1. Abbaseyeih
2. Aley
3. Ansar
4. Arde
5. Bakhoun
6. Chekka
7. Dedde El Koura
8. Douma
9. Ibrine
10. Jounieh
11. Saida
12. Sin El Fil Beirut


Principals and coordinators we work with recognize that the Fellows are extremely dedicate and hardworking.

“Fellows are working long hours between their teaching hours and their involvement in extracurricular activities: it is very clear to see how motivated they are to do their best."
-Principal in a partner school

Coordinators in the partner schools positively evaluate the new approach that the Fellows bring to their teaching.

"The Fellows are able to convey the message to students in an enjoyable way using games. The French or Arabic sessions are becoming to the students as enjoyable as a sports session."
-Coordinator in a partner school
Parents appreciate the way our Fellows treat their children.

“For the first time, my child understands Science rather than simply memorizing.”

- Mother of a student in a Fellow’s Class

Students respond positively to the Fellows’ approach to teaching.

“I like Mr. Joe because he explains the lesson 2 million times if I don’t understand it.”
-Student in a Fellow’s Class


Teach For Lebanon's vision for training is directly related to its overall mission and theory of change. Drawing from these two integral components, the guiding principles of Teach For Lebanon's training program are:
- Maximizing teacher effectiveness to show significant, measurable gains in student achievement;
- Developing leadership capacities in Fellows to effect long-term systemic change.

Teaching as Leadership
At Teach For Lebanon we believe that excellent teaching starts with excellent leadership. Teach For Lebanon's training is centered around the idea that by becoming an Excellent Teacher, you will also become an Excellent Leader. What do Excellent Leaders do? They:

- Set big goals for students, that will be the single-minded focus of teachers and students throughout the year;
- Motivate students to go beyond traditional expectations to reach their goals and to engage in an experiential learning process;
- Plan purposefully, constructing long-term goals and daily lesson plans that build upon each other to provide structure to the classroom and efficiently lead students to success;
- Execute effectively by managing a classroom where procedures run smoothly, all students are engaged in the material, and teachers can adjust plans based on real-time, incoming data;
- Continuously reflect on and improve performance;
- Work relentlessly to focus on the factors that will truly move students towards their goals, while making sure to take care of themselves to maintain their energy and enthusiasm.

Summer Institute
Before the school year begins, Teach For Lebanon brings all Fellows together for a six-week, full-time training institute, where Fellows begin to develop the foundational tools needed to be excellent teachers and leaders. The Summer Institute gives Fellows the opportunity to build personal and professional relationships with others in the program, taking advantage of their diverse academic and professional backgrounds, while emphasizing a unified commitment to ending educational inequality. The Summer Institute focuses on developing Fellows' theoretical understanding of the frameworks of teaching and specific instructional techniques needed to teach all subject areas and at all levels. In addition, Fellows receive instructional guidance from experienced practitioners and professors.

For the first week, Fellows engage in a full day of workshops and small-group activities. During the second through fourth weeks, they teach in the morning, then reflect on their practice in the afternoon, while receiving guidance in preparing the next day’s lessons. The last week of the Institute is spent in workshops elaborating on the knowledge and experience they have gleaned from their classroom experiences.

Ongoing Support

Fellows are supported by the Education Manager who will guide Fellows in becoming excellent teachers and leaders. The Education Manager will be the main point of liaison between Fellows and Teach For Lebanon. The Manager—assisted by other staff members—will regularly visit classrooms and meet with Fellows to develop plans and troubleshoot challenges in order to:

- Provide the Fellows with the necessary moral, administrative and logistic support;
- Assist them in facing the challenges on all fronts;
- Coordinate with the school administration to enhance the impact of the program;
- Assess the performance of the Fellows and their students, and undertake continuous corrective measures when needed.

Fellows will have the opportunity to participate in international workshops and gatherings that are held within the Teach For All Network where they will share their experiences with Fellows from the 27 TFAll member countries.

During the course of the school year, Fellows will reconvene monthly to receive further training as well as discuss their practice, their problems and brainstorm solutions.

Financial support

Teach For Lebanon provides its Fellows with a monthly stipend. This stipend is meant to cover the personal needs of each individual during their two years of teaching. Additionally, Fellows will be provided accommodation in their placement locations.


TFL-US is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity (click here to see IRS exemption letter) established in 2010 and incorporated in New York state. The TFL-US EIN is 27- 2370827. Contributions are fully tax-deductible if the donor is taxable in the USA.

TFL-US carries out fund-raising activities in the United States to support the work of Teach for Lebanon (TFL), which is a non-governmental organization registered through the Lebanese Ministry of Interior, Attestation number 1518, as of November 5, 2008.

TFL-US has a Board of Directors presently consisting of five people: Abdallah Geahel, Charbel Tagher, Eva Farha,  Khalil Kanaan, and  Ghassan Saab. The organization’s plan is to expand its membership in the near future to include members from many cities across the USA.

TFL-US, Incorporated
Diane Kaldany
Development Director


Teach For Lebanon [UK], a Private Limited Company was issued with company number 8921177 by Companies house. TFL-UK has received Charity Status, with Charity Commission Number: 1156089. Anita Nassar took the lead to create and incorporate TFL-UK in March 2014. The TFL-UK Board of Directors presently consists of five people, Anita Nassar (founder), Monica Thomas, Naim Abou Jaoude, Marwan Dagher and Augustus Della-Porta.




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