Contribution Programs

Teach For Lebanon has a variety of fundraising programs and projects all aiming for the purpose of supporting its mission that is to provide underprivileged children with a quality education by supplying them with Talented Fellows (teachers) who help to empower them. Each Fellow teaches for a period of two years and reaches approximately 100 kids directly, not counting the positive impact they have on the regular teachers and the village itself.

Mission Angels

Supporting TFL mission to eliminate education inequity in Lebanon by fostering youth Leadership and civic engagement
$1 A month/ staff member

Everybody Gives

This programs allows the internal community of a corporate, foundation or organization to collaboratively give to TFL cause by simply donating $1/month of their salary. The management of the institution who would like to start this program is invitied to match the total amount of US dollars collected by the staff.
$250 USD

Every child Matters

Provide one child quality education and special support for three months
$1,000 USD

A workshop for All

This contribution helps fund one workshop provided to TFL fellows or alumni. The Fellows and Alumni at Teach For Lebanon are provided with ongoing training to help them perform with Excellence in their teaching while working in disadvantaged public and private schools across Lebanon and also continue their positive impact in education even post their TFL experience.
$5,000 USD

Support a class

Provide a class in an underprivilidged school quality education and special support for 3 months
$15,000 USD

Education Extra care

Fully Fund the extra-curricular activities program at a designated school for a full academic year period. Extra-Curricular activities can range from agenda support and music lessons to financial litteracy programs, human rights, awareness campaigns, social and civic skills trainings.
$20,000 USD

Fund a Fellow

Fully Fund a fellow for one year that will serve 100 children. contribution will cover (Monthly stipend, professional development for the fellow, housing fees and extra-curricular material a fellow might need)
$25,000 USD

Summer Institute

The contribution will help TFL provide its newly selected fellows with a six-week-long Summer Institute training, at which TFL staff and relevant experts provide training in general pedagogy, assessment techniques, collegial relationships and classroom management, as well as being introduced to topics such as differentiated instruction, extracurricular work, community development, among others.
$100,000 USD

Multi-year Sponsorship program

This program is for generous donors only. It involves Fully supporting 5 Fellows per year for at least 3 years each.
Any donations could be made through TFL-US, which is a 501(c)(3) corporation and would get the donors a tax deduction in the US.


  • Platinum Donors
  • Gold Donors
  • The Levant Foundation
  • Abou Jaoude & Associates Law Firm
  • Mr.& Mrs. Khalil Kanaan
  • Raymond Debbane Family Foundation
  • Mr. & Mrs. Charbel Tagher
  • Al- Mawarid Bank
  • Mrs. Anita Nassar
  • HSBC
  • Anonymous 
  • Mr. & Mrs. George Zakhem
  • Association Philippe Jabre
  • Silver Donors
  • Recettes De Vie
  • Mr. Fawzi Kyriakos Saad
  • IBL Bank
  • Central Bank of Lebanon
  • Mr Naim Abou-Jaoude
  • Mr. & Mrs. Ghassan Saab
  • Joseph and Claude Audi Charitable Foundation
  • Bronze Donors
  • BBAC
  • Fondation Aimee Et Charles Kettaneh
  • Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Tamer
  • Mr. & Mrs. Antoine Nahas
  • Mrs. Eva Farha
  • Mr. Fuad Sawaya
  • Mr. & Mrs. Paul Raphael
  • Anonymous
  • Mr. & Mrs. Munir Barakat
  • Supporters of TFL
  • Mr. Anis Adel
  • Mr. Nazih Zeidan
  • Mr. & Mrs. Khalil Kanaan
  • Mr. & Mrs. Rabih Abou Chakra
  • Mr. Maz Zouhairi
  • Anonymous
  • Mr. & Mrs. Charles Shaw
  • Mr. & Mrs. Camille Saba
  • Mrs. Maryann Evans
  • Mr. & Mrs. Issa Baconi
  • Audi Bank
  • Dr. Saad Andary
  • Ms. Lona Alawie
  • Friends of TFL
  • Dr. & Mrs. Youssef El Khalil
  • Mrs. Salwa Baasiri
  • Dr. & Mrs. Nuhad Dagher
  • Mr. & Mrs. Antoine Zihenni
  • Mr. Jacob Yahiayan
  • Anonymous
  • Dr. Karim Taleb
  • Mr. Nicholas Tagher
  • Mr. & Mrs. Philippe Tager
  • Mr. Edward Shiner
  • Mr. Anthony Sassine
  • Dr. & Mrs. Gabriel Sara
  • Mr. Lahage Daniel
  • Mr. & Mrs. Walid Khoury
  • Mr. & Mrs. George Hajjar
  • Mrs. Nayla Hadchiti
  • Grande Harvest Wines
  • Mr. & Mrs. John Giaquinta
  • Mr. Mohamed Elachi
  • Ms. Beatrice Ducrot
  • Mrs. Joyce Dubensky
  • Dr. Ramzi Dagher
  • Mr. Elias Dagher
  • Mr. & Mrs. Camille Chehayeb
  • Mr. & Mrs. Nicolas Chbat
  • Ms. Lorena Cauvi
  • Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Boke
  • Mr. & Mrs. Paul Anid
  • Mr. & Mrs. Robert Andrews

Fellowship Champions

Teach For Lebanon's program stipulates that $20,000 (twenty thousand US dollars) is the average amount required to recruit, train, accommodate and remunerate a Fellow that will impact the lives of 100 students throughout a full academic year. Teach For Lebanon is honored to have several of Fellowship Champions who have committed to contribute for multi-year commitments in support of TFL's vision and mission.
Donor Commitment Starting date
The Levant Foundation

2 Fellowships, for 5 years.

Association Philippe Jabre

3 Fellowships, for 3 years

Mr. George Zakhem

3 Fellowships in honor of Hanne Zakhem, for 5 years.

Aida & Charbel Tagher

2 Fellowships; One in Honor of Isabelle & Homere Tagher, and another in the honor of Salma and Sam Gibara, for 5 years

The Raymond Debbane Family Foundation

2 Fellowships; One Fellowship in the name of Francis Debbane and another one for Hilda Debbane, for 5 years.


2 Fellowships FOR 5 YEARS

Joumana & Khalil Kanaan

1 Fellowship, for 2 years.

Mrs. Anita Nassar

1 Fellowship

Any donations could be made through TFL-US, which is a 501(c)(3) corporation and would get the donors a tax deduction in the US.

How To Donate

Teach For Lebanon has a variety of fundraising programs and projects all for the sole purpose of raising funds to eliminate educational inequality in Lebanon by fostering youth leadership and promoting civic engagement.

The more funds we have, the more Fellows we can recruit and train, the more schools we can serve and the more we can increase our impact and change underprivileged students lives by providing them quality education.

Teach For Lebanon is glad to have the support of TFL-US, a fundraising arm based in New York that helps raise funds for Teach For Lebanon's mission.

We are happy to invite you to join our group of supporters and help us pursue our mission.

  • For donations in Lebanon, please contact Salyne Elsamarani for details:

Phone: +9613181866
Audi Bank:
Account Name: Teach For Lebanon
Account number: 993676-461-002-044-01

  • For donations in the US, please do one of the following:
- Write a check (this will save us the credit card charges) to TFL-US, Incorporated and mail to:

TFL-US, Incorporated
c/o Charbel Tagher
14 East 4th Street, Suite 807
New York, NY 10012

- Or, click here to access TFL-US online donation form.

  • For donations in UK, please contact Mrs. Anita Nassar Founder of TFL UK, for details:
phone: +447774493393
Account Name: Teach for Lebanon UK
Bank: HSBC Bank PLC
Account Number 92638681

We will mail/email you a receipt for tax deduction purposes once we receive your donation.




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