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“Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader”

by Teach For Lebanon - Feb 07,2018
Teach For Lebanon Fellow Arij Wehby teaches English at Hope Academy, in Mansourieh, Lebanon. A recent breakthrough with her student Fayez reminds us of the impact a teacher can leave on one student. “Fayez always repeated the phrase "ما بعرف" (“I don’t know) every time I asked him to read” said Arij; “we have English newspapers hanged on the classroom walls to encourage the students to read, but he was always worried about feeling embarrassed, as he was the oldest in his class. To encourage him, I started praising him verbally every time he read a word out loud; I worked on preparing extra worksheets for him. By the end of the first term and on a sunny day, students were allowed to enjoy reading outdoors. He took a book and sat in the area where I was assigned to supervise. Surprisingly, he called me asking for help to read, where normally he would have only looked at the pictures”.

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