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From Jun 21,2018 - To Aug 24,2018
Andrios Neaimeh is a science, math and French teacher and foundation Père Afif Osseiran in Fanar, Lebanon. He left his job in Finance to become a teacher in one of the poorest schools of Mount Lebanon. He joined the teach For Lebanon Fellowship program in September 2017. He gives a touching testimonial about what it means to be a Teach For Lebanon Fellow: “Teaching is a responsibility and an honor. at the beginning I felt overwhelmed, couldn’t sleep at night because I was thinking about what they are going through and whether I did enough for them that day; I learned to put their needs above mine. Learned to show empathy, sometimes all they need is somebody to hear them. I try to be a listening ear. I learned to deal with the reality of things, drop my idealism and keep realistic expectations on what’s to be done. No overpromising. Deal with reality, but make it better. This was a life-changing experience; I became less introverted, developed my public speaking skills, my personality grew, I discovered a bigger potential in me, that of being a disciplinary leader. My students see me as their friend and their leader at the same time. When a student to whom life hasn’t been kind hears me for one hour, I feel like I’ve made an achievement. They don’t have access to equal opportunities. This is what Teach For Lebanon’s mission is all about. It’s not fair that we are not able to always provide them with access to enough resources, books, field trips… All Lebanese youth must try to give back to their society.”

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