• My First Step Up!

    By Rami Hatoom - September 18, 2015

    When I first volunteered with Teach For Lebanon as an intern in 2012, I was in a self-discovery phase of my college years. I knew what I liked, I knew what potential I had; yet, I didn’t know where it could all fit in one place. Three years later, as I graduate from Haigazian University, my next step couldn’t have been any clearer. Read more
  • Citadel 'marketing machine' leaves for NGO

    By Lucy McNulty - September 28, 2015

    A star fundraiser regarded as instrumental in helping Citadel's assets recover from the financial crisis is to leave the US hedge fund to focus on her work with a Lebanon-based education charity. Read more
  • Colorful Dreams

    By Cohort 6 Fellow Farah Mhanna - May 18, 2015

    Nader Association is an orphanage that aims to protect and educate children with serious social problems. These children are at risk of delinquency, and this association provides them with shelter and care. Read more
  • Our Mechanical Engineering Club

    By Cohort 6 Fellow Mohamad Alama - May 18, 2015

    Part of being a Teach for Lebanon Fellow, located in Saida to make a radical positive change in the southern community, I wanted my students to take part of an interesting extra-curricular activity that would benefit the students of Saida Generations School residing at the Sidon Orphan Welfare Society. Read more
  • My Experience

    By Youssef Semaan- Almnus- Cohort 1

    It has been on every summer. I get ready, prepare my presentations and head to meet a new cohort of excited agents of change. This year, we have all gathered at the Chidiac Residence for the 6th Summer Institute of Teach For Lebanon, a place that vibrated with enthusiasm for six consecutive weeks. ... Read more
  • My Experience

    By Rima Sharkawi

    "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world," Nelson Mandela once said. I chose to start with this quote since it sums up all what I believe in.I joined Teach For Lebanon in the summer ... Read more
  • BadrWadi Al-Taym (Tim valley’s full moon)

    By Anthony Abi Awad- Cohort 4 Alumnus

    New experiences, new people and new places are the least that you can expect when you sign in to be a Teach for Lebanon Fellow. Our teaching placements were given at the end of our six-week summer training institute. Before I was placed in Rachaya, I had only heard about it in history books. Rachaya is located in the south of the Békaa Valley at the slopes of Mount Hermon on the Syrian border. It is a part of a valley known as “Wadi Al-Taym” ... Read more
  • A Lifetime experience

    By Nathalie Daher- Cohort 4 alumna

    When I graduated last year, I was certain I wanted to make a real difference in the world. After 21 years of education, I felt an obligation to share my knowledge and skills with those who needed it most. Teach For Lebanon gave me the opportunity to see the effect everyone could make in their community. Read more
  • First Step in a Long Journey

    By Nicole Maamary- Cohort 5 Fellow

    Before I make any career decision, I would usually consider the location, the overall conditions, and multiple other factors that are essential to me. However, applying for a Fellowship Program at Teach for Lebanon and eventually getting accepted was definitely a unique and life changing experience. Read more
  • Mrs. Wendy Kopp's Reflection

    By Mrs. Wendy Kopp

    We were pleased and honored to welcome Ms. Wendy Kopp, the president of Teach For All, at Teach For Lebanon's offices. Ms. Wendy visited one of our partner schools and attended the class of one of our Fellows. She has also met Teach For Lebanon Board of Trustees and staff members... Read more
  • TFALL Global Conference

    By George Saliba- Cohort 1 Alumnus - January 15, 2015

    In October 2014 Teach For All has invited representatives from the network to attend a conference in Mexico, Puebla. The representatives reflected on the theme of Leadership for Change and the crucial role such leadership plays in addressing educational inequity. George Saliba, The Human Resources Manager at TFL and an alumnus to the program, has attended the conference and came back with a new experience that he would like to share with us... Read more
  • Bullying in Schools

    By Diana Maddah- Alumna- Cohort 1 and Fatima Al Mousawi - January 15, 2015

    94% of students are bullied in Lebanon as shown in this summary of a study done by Teach For Lebanon Recruitment Manager and Alumna, Diana Maddah and her co-researcher, Fatima Al Mousawi. The study was conducted in three public schools in Lebanon. Read more
  • I Choose Teach for Lebanon

    By Mohamad Alameh- Cohort 6 Fellow

    Never have I acquired such a deep understanding of the human nature and the power to contribute to a positive change before joining TFL. Indeed! A big part of my personality has been radically enhanced when joining Teach for Lebanon (TFL). ... Read more
  • A Summer to Remember

    By Ola Samhoury- Cohort 6 Fellow

    It all started with an email sent by LAU with a brief summary about Teach for Lebanon. When I started reading the email, I thought it was a job opportunity for a biology student who is interested in working in the field of education. ... Read more
  • Kfarhazir

    By Nathalie Daher

    Kfarhazir lies on a strategic hill in El- Koura region. It overlooks the Koura fields and towns from the east and the Mediterranean Sea from the west. It is 360m above sea level. Kfarhazir is known for its clean ... Read more
  • My Experience

    By Rana Saleh- Alumna- Cohort 2

    “When we least expect it, life sets us a challenge to test our courage and willingness to change; at such a moment, there is no point in pretending that nothing has happened or in saying that we are not yet ready. The challenge will not wait. Life does not look back.” ... Read more
  • Beyond Fellowship

    Sahar Machmouchi, A cohort 4 Fellow, is finishing her second year of Fellowship in June 2014. Sahar has graduated from the Lebanese University with a BA in Journalism. She has graduated with a passion to give back to her country and society. ... Read more
  • An Interview with a student

    How long have you been at Bakh'oun Public School? Oussama: I have been at Bakh'oun Public School for the last 3 years. What is your favorite subject? Oussama: My favorite subject is Art because I like to draw. ... Read more
  • My Experience

    By Diana Maddah

    “Whatever the cost of our libraries, the price is cheap compared to that of an ignorant nation.” Walter Cronkite Teach For Lebanon tries to expand its work to reach out to many schools and draw the smile on children's faces ... Read more
  • Summer Performance

    By Dr. Lina Harati- Education Manager at TFL

    As I was asked to reflect on the Summer Institute, which is a six-week of extensive training program, many situations and events came across my mind. Enthusiastic fellows, supportive staff and professional trainers were all part of the act. ... Read more
  • The Poorest Region

    By Sahar Machmouchi - Saida TV

    I have always walked into the dark, dangerous alleys full of forbidden activities (drugs, illegal traffic). My only concern was to see children kept away from adults' dirty games. My only weapon at the time was my pen and my restless camera ... Read more
  • Teach For Lebanon Recruiting its Sixth Cohort

    By Farah Abou Maita- Communications and On-Going Support Manager

    Do you believe that education is the way to build a better Lebanon? Are you a fresh graduate who is willing to dedicate two years to support children's education? What if one of your student was the leader of tomorrow? What about giving yourself the chance to share in building the future of children in your country?... Read more
  • Management Conference

    By Farah Abou Maita- Communications and On-Going Support Manager

    Management Philosophies, Effective Feedback, Prioritization, Planning, Organizational Culture, Strengths Insight and more... All these big titles along with the spicy Malaysian food and the friendly Malaysian faces made the week of the Teach For All Management Conference in Malaysia a unique experience for every attendant. Read more
  • Peace Festival Workshop

    By Mohsen El Husseini- Cohort 4 Alumnus

    The Lebanese Red Cross - Youth department - organizes a variety of events throughout the year that covers issues related to children and youth . Among its noteworthy yearly events is the Peace Festival. It is planned and directed with the collaboration of all Red Cross centers in Lebanon. Read more
  • An Exciting Experience

    By Sara Aboud

    Believe it or not, helping can be as simple as having a fresh juice! Juice for Charity is a project initiated by “C.a.u.s.e.s”, an NGO which aims to raise funds for a different Lebanese NGO each month by selling fresh juice. For August, Juice for Charity chose to dedicate all its returns to help eliminate educational inequality in rural and remote areas by partnering with Teach For Lebanon (TFL). Read more
  • Teach For Lebanon

    By Nicole Tohme- Al Nahar Newspaper - August 22, 2013

    إيماناً منها بأن التعليم هو ركيزة أساسية للتنمية المستدامة وحق لكل إنسان، تسعى جمعيّة "التعليم لأجل لبنان" TFL) Teach For Lebanon ) إلى تحقيق المساواة في جودة التعليم وفي احتضان القيادات الشبابية وتعزيز انخراطها في خدمة المجتمع المدني. هذا شعارها فكيف تترجم ذلك؟ Read more
  • Meeting a Principal

    Mr. Nader has established his NGO in 1996. Its aim is to teach and rehabilitate children and youth who are at risk. The specialists at the Association work on building psycho-social rehabilitation, sports, handcrafts, environment and agricultural activities. ... Read more
  • Meeting a Board Member

    By Mr. Charbel Tagher

    Charbel H Tagher serves as the President of Specified Technologies, Inc. and has been at Specified Technologies since 1990. Mr. Tagher was employed at Mckinsey & Company, New York from 1976 to 1984. Read more
  • Teach for Lebanon: To Change Lives in Need!

    By Ziad Azar

    It was Monday, September 23,2013 nearly 8 a.m. in the morning. I was climbing up the stairs, heading to my first class. I started remembering everything I have learned during the summer and all the articles I have read on class management, first day of school and how to make a good impression. It all came to ... Read more
  • Teach for Lebanon doubles number of recruits for upcoming year

    By Tahereh Matejko - September 14, 2010

    BEIRUT: They came, they taught, they conquered. But it wasn’t particularly easy. One year after 13 carefully selected young Lebanese university graduates set out to teach students in underprivileged rural schools in an effort to eliminate educational inequality, the ... Read more
  • NGO puts top-notch teachers in rural areas

    By Olivia Alabaster - August 01, 2012

    JBEIL: At 22, Lebanese-American Dahlia Rizk had moved to Chicago, was about to start a master’s in clinical psychology and had found an apartment and a job. But after one month, she returned to Beirut to embark on training to become a teacher at a rural primary school in ... Read more
  • The AUB-TFL Connection

    Sometime in April or May, every soon-to-graduate AUB student starts hearing the same questions. “So, what’re you going to do with that engineering degree, son?” “Congratulations! Gonna start makin’ the big bucks with that business degree?” “Habibti, are you planning on med school right away, or will you wait?” ... Read more
  • Meeting a Board Member

    By Dr. Youssef El Khalil

    Dr. Youssef El Khalil studied at the American University of Beirut, the University of Sussex, England, and the ‘Centre d’Etudes et de Recherchessur le Dévelopement International’, France, where he obtained a PhD in Economics. Read more
  • We do not learn from our experiences, we learn by reflecting on our experiences!

    May 13, 2014

    We learned that street children, beggars, sex workers, and daily wage workers such as construction workers, rickshaw pullers, and street vendors mainly constitute the urban homeless populations in India. Read more
  • Teach For Lebanon Sets an Educational Standard By Bringing Together Supporters

    An impressive group of bold-faced names attended Teach For Lebanon’s (TFL) benefit reception at Mario Elcid’s exquisite Mondo Collection Showroom in the heart of New York City’s Flatiron District organized by Teach For Lebanon-United States’ (TFL-US) fundraising division. Teach For Lebanon, the innovative NGO based in Lebanon Read more
  • Meeting a Board Member

    Salwa Saniora Baassiri is a graduate of Economics at the American University of Beirut. She has managed, through her stretched and diversified professional history as well as her in-depth involvement in multifaceted activities, to venture into the domains of Education, Culture, Sciences and Communication and to develop, as a result, multi-dimensional capabilities Read more
  • Juice for Charity: Healthy and For A Good Cause

    We all would love to help someone in need. Whether it’s underprivileged youth, chronically ill people, refugees maybe even the environment and other concerns we have in our country and society. Often times though, we can’t really figure out how we can help, or worry that our money and efforts will be squandered and mismanaged. Read more
  • The University of Balamand

    On a breathtaking sea view hill, just one Km East of the Mediterranean Sea, stands The University of Balamand(UoB). The university is located around the midst of the koura region, Kelhat, and only 10 km away from Tripoli, North Lebanon. This fine University was founded in 1988, by the late Patriarch Ignatius IV (Hazim). His Beatitude decided to ... Read more


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