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Ongoing TFL Support

TFL Alumni are active members of society who affect fundamental changes from within and outside the system, taking on leadership roles across sectors—as school leaders, policymakers, social entrepreneurs, and more—in the pursuit of equipping students with a quality education that broadens their choices.

Currently, 24% of TFL Alumni are pursuing Graduate studies, thus benefiting from the scholarship granted to them through the Memorandum of Understanding between TFL and Universities in Lebanon such as: American University in Beirut, Lebanese American University, University of Balamand, Haigazian University and Notre Dame University – Louaize. 44% of alumni are working in the field of Education either teaching at schools or working with educational NGOs. TFL Alumni are also invited to share their knowledge and experience with newly recruited participants during the summer institute and later on during the monthly professional development workshops

Creating a Network of Ambassadors

The Fellows’ journey doesn’t end by the end of the two-year Fellowship. They become Teach For Lebanon’s ambassadors who go on holding the mission of eliminating educational inequity in Lebanon. They are important because only through mass individual and collective action will we achieve educational equity.

A network of individuals with an engrained understanding of the causes and implications of educational disadvantage gained through at least two years teaching in a school in challenging circumstances will provide a driver forceful enough to make widespread and systemic change in education. Showing leadership both within and outside of education, this network will connect with others who have also dedicated their lives to achieving educational equality.

As continuity of their fellowship, our Alumni are currently planning different projects that are designed to serve TFL’s student vision. The themes can be used to represent the different pathways under which the Alumni projects fall. These themes incorporate Wellbeing, Civic Engagement and Quality Education.

Where We Work

"Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world”

- Nelson Mandela -