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School Principals

Nazaret Jeredjian

"In parallel to the Academic Program, we at Sahaguian College try to make sure our students develop their sense of empathy and social responsibility towards their community. Today, thanks to one of the projects developed and led by Teach For Lebanon Fellows, our students were given the chance to spend time in an elderly center for the needy and brought them a little joy and comfort".

Mr. Nazaret Jeredjian
Sahaguian-Levon Meguerditchian College

Mireille Abboud

"Teach For Lebanon Fellows played a pivotal role in our school. They went beyond the regular curriculum. They were involved in all aspects of their students’ lives. They identified gaps in their students’ learning and provided extra activities, they found time to support them if they were behind on their studies. They did their job with passion".

Mrs. Mireille Abboud
Kousba Public School for Boys Principal

Hiba Fares

“I would like to thank Teach For Lebanon from the bottom of my heart for partnering with us and sending teachers to our school. We salute and value the work of these fellows, as well as that of the TFL coaches and mentors who ensure that they perform flawlessly in the classroom. I would also like to emphasize the fellows’ innovative teaching methods, such as “learning through play,” which motivate students to want to learn more, in turn allowing them to gain knowledge and new skills, and to enjoy the process.”

Mrs. Hiba Fares
Kfarhazir public school

Board Members and Donors

Ray Debbane

“A great teacher can touch and change a child’s life forever. TFL brings some of the best and the brightest Lebanese university graduates to give a couple of years of their life to teach economically disadvantaged children in their environment, and the most beautiful part is that those students are  often themselves converted to a mission of life long teaching”. 

Raymond Debbane, President & CEO, Invus Group 

Zafer Achi

“I believe that education for all - imparting knowledge, honing critical thinking, cultivating character, in appreciation of history and traditions-  is the only path to peace and prosperity. I invest in TFL because they help bring this gift to thousands of children in our most disadvantaged communities,  year in and year out” .

Zafer Achi, Director Emeritus and Former Managing Partner for the Middle East, McKinsey & Company.

Charbel Tagher

"TFL is unique in Lebanon in that it’s part of the Teach For All network that covers 50+ countries. It benefits from, and contributes, to all the lessons learned in education around the world, is run in a professional manner, and is constantly monitored and audited. When you support TFL, you’re helping thousands of underprivileged children in Lebanon open their minds and hearts to the magical world of learning AND creating meaningful jobs in Lebanon for future leaders. It’s an investment with unbelievable returns".

Charbel Tagher, President, Specified Technologies, Inc. & TFL-US Board of Trustees President

Where We Work

"Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world”

- Nelson Mandela -