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The 2019 Summer Institute

by Teach For Lebanon - Aug 02,2019

The Teach For Lebanon Summer Institute is a six-week training program on Education Pedagogy, certified by the Lebanese American University and supported by USAID and BLOM Bank Lebanon, where Fellows-to-be develop a theoretical and practical understanding of the frameworks of teaching.

The Teach For Lebanon 2019 Summer School funded by BLOM BANK

Goal keepers of quality Education in Lebanon, BLOM’s corporate social responsibility strategy confirms once again their commitment to SDG4 whose main aims is to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Teach For Lebanon 2019 Summer School Ceremony

The closing ceremony of the 2019 Summer School, marking the end of the 4-week practical training for the Fellows-to-be taking part in the Teach For Lebanon Summer Institute, took place on July 30th, 2019. The series of performances showcasing the UNSDGs and prepared by 250 students from different grades were led by Teach For Lebanon Fellows-to-be (Cohort 11), at the presence of BLOM Bank’s Communications and Sustainability team Mmes. Isabelle Naoum and Diala Sobh, and LAU’s CEP Director Mr. Georges Obeid.

Watch the event video here!

Welcoming Cohort 11 and bidding farewell to Cohort 9

The ceremony was followed by a farewell and thank you to Cohort 9, the group of 26 Fellows who finished their two year fellowship program which started in September 2017. It was an emotional moment where they each shared their best moments of the fellowship.




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