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Teaching in the Time of COVID-19

by Teach For Lebanon - Apr 01,2020

Teaching in the Time of COVID-19

Our dynamic teaching leaders continue educating students through innovative online and distant learning strategies. As they face the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re inspired to see them finding new ways to connect with and learn from each other with love and passion. Teach For Lebanon Fellows shared that they have used this time to reflect and appreciate things they had previously taken for granted, and that despite the distances they are able to find ways to connect to their students, noticing how powerful their role as educators is.

Virtual English lessons taught to school parents

As part of Teach For Lebanon(TFL)'s partnership with the U.S. Embassy Beirut to improve English literacy and soft skills in disadvantaged schools communities, TFL Fellows were providing English lessons to school parents in 5 different TFL partner schools. Last month was #BAU for teaching Fellow Nagham Al Banna, who resumed her classes virtually after the COVID-19 confinement was declared.

Ensuring student well-being

Teach For Lebanon Fellows have been using WhatsApp and Facebook to coordinate with parents and give small assignments to their students as well as send educational videos to promote animal and environment protection or explain a DIY craft and many more engaging themes. Students were often filmed by their parents as they executed the assignment! TFL Fellow Murielle Challita created a series of outdoor videos in her rural village where she is currently confined with her family, to give the students a reel feel of what's it like to feel connected to Nature, and witness scientific wonders like milking a cow and shearing a sheep in the local tradition.


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