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The Build Back Better Initiative

by Teach For Lebanon - Mar 15,2021
As part of this initiative, we have partnered with Nafsaniyoun to offer free mental health support for parents, teachers, and students. The psychosocial support sessions conducted by qualified psychologists and psychotherapists. In the months of December 2020 and January 2021, our fellows attended four sessions intended to help them identify students dealing with trauma and to teach them ways of working with and helping these students. Fellows shared their classroom experiences with the session leaders, who gave them guidance and advice. Sessions were also delivered to non-fellow teachers at our partner schools.

By the conclusion of this project, at least 500 parents, 50 principals, and 300 teachers will receive psychosocial support through group therapy. At least 300 students will receive one on one sessions. These sessions will continue through the upcoming months, ensuring that all of our students are able to pursue their education in a healthy environment and state of mind.

Watch a video on the progress of the BBB initiative here: https://bit.ly/3eJ2oZY

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