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TFL’S Collaboration with MTV Lebanon and Meta

by Teach For Lebanon - Jun 07,2022
During the holy month of Ramadan, Teach For Lebanon collaborated with Meta Middle East and MTV Lebanon to promote reading and digital literacy for its student beneficiaries.
Through TFL’s acquired educational application and channel called "Storyvoice", and with the help of Meta, TFL co-hosted live read-alouds with celebrities and influencers, which were live-streamed on Facebook, and were recorded.
The four co-hosts were Desiree Farah (also known as Dede), media producer and presenter of Lebanese children's programs, Tony Baroud, media figure and a former Basketball player, Pamela Fannoun, MTV Alive TV host and presenter, and Randa Fahed, TV host, nutritionist and lecturer.
Dede co-hosted a live read-aloud about “The Gift of Ramadan”, Tony presented a story called "Maddi’s Fridge" which is about giving to those in need, Pamela read "Let's Celebrate," a narrative on cultural festivities and Randa presented "Rameena's Ramadan," a story about compassion and giving back.
During each of the four sessions, 70-95 participants including children, tuned in and around 30 students had the chance to read aloud stories, ask questions and partake in fun activities with our guests.
As part of this campaign, TFL Project Manager Amir Hijazi and Fellow Hasan Ghaddar appeared on the “Top Stories MTV Alive” Segment, and TFL’s CEO Salyne El Samarany was a guest on MTV’s show “Hadis El Balad/ Talk Of The Town” with Samer Jamal (Strategic Partnerships, MENAT - Meta) to shed light on Teach For Lebanon and promote this collaboration.
In parallel to this initiative, we were running our two fundraising campaigns “Books For Lebanon” and “Digital Skills For Underprivileged Kids in Lebanon.” Since acquiring textbooks has been a substantial financial burden for Lebanese families, our campaigns can help our students become pillars of support for their parents, community, and country, and grow into responsible citizens, leaders, and changemakers.

Watch the “Talk of the Town” episode here.
Watch the “Top Stories MTV Alive” Segment here.
Click here to access the Storyvoice channel on Youtube and watch the full sessions.

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