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A Collaboration with Ensena Por Mexico (Part 2)

by Teach For Lebanon - Jun 22,2022
A big part of TFL’s efforts is to connect Fellows and students with network partners. These connections and collaborations come under different umbrellas and objectives. In May, we had an exciting collaboration “Classrooms without Borders Exchange Programme”, which is an international exchange program between Mexico and Lebanon, where a couple of Fellows arrived in Lebanon to meet with their TFL counterparts after engaging in online sessions.

The objectives of this partnership are to exchange cultures and instructional strategies, educate on the importance of diversity and inclusion, and be a global citizen by socializing with Fellows from the TFALL network.

Inas Zein Eddine, Rozan Dakroub, Joyce Saadeh, Ruba Hemadeh, Geovanni Ruvalcaba, Daniela Gonzalez, Sara Hernandez, and Benjamin Pea Larios were among the eight Fellows from Lebanon and Mexico who took part in the collaboration. This program included around 175 students from Lebanon and around 135 students from Mexico.

Fellow Inas engaged virtually with Geovanni’s class before his visit to Lebanon and then in person at the Lebanese Canadian Modern School, where he introduced himself and presented to the students glimpses of Mexican culture and cuisine.

Furthermore, following weeks of virtual connection, Fellow Rozan Dakroub met Daniella Gonzalez at the New Educational School in Amroseyye Beirut. Students embarked on a joyous adventure in which they learned about a new culture, community, traditions, language, and other topics. This type of exchange helped them see the world as a global place and enabled them to become global citizens, encouraging diversity and respect.

Geovanni and Daniella also paid a visit to the TFL office, where they spoke with various staff members about their experiences in Lebanon thus far, the Lebanese and Mexican cuisines, education in both countries, and their expectations of the partnership to make the Enseña por Mexico Fellows' stay a success.

The collaboration between the two countries is far from over. It will continue to evolve over the next year through a variety of components. Enseña por Mexico Fellow Benjamin Pea Larios is also planning to visit Lebanon at the end of June and will be invited to participate in sessions of the Summer Institute, which will take place between July and August.

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