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A Collaboration with Ensena Por Mexico (Part 1)

by Teach For Lebanon - Jul 07,2022

TFL's activities are largely centered on connecting Fellows and students with network partners. The purpose of such connections is to share cultures, and teaching methodologies, educate on the value of diversity and inclusion, and be a global citizen through interactions with TFALL Fellows. 

Fascinated with the Hispanic culture, TFL Fellow Khaled Kammah wanted to take the initiative and start a collaboration with a Spanish-speaking country, and hence picked Mexico. In May, he was behind the fruitful collaboration called the "Classrooms Without Borders Exchange Programme," which is an exchange program between Mexico and Lebanon, took place. 

Since he speaks Spanish, accessing information and communicating with Ensena por Mexico was easy for Khaled. He reached out to Miss Margaux Jacquemin, Ensena por Mexico Alumni Director, and worked with her to pair Fellows from TFL with Ensena por Mexico, so they could start the classroom without a border exchange program. 

Furthermore, he formed a group of interested Fellows from Lebanon and explained to them the concept of the exchange program so they would know what to anticipate. He has also been following up with the Fellows to keep track of the collaboration progress and check if there are roadblocks that need to be addressed with Ensena por Mexico.

Daniela and Geovani, two Ensena por Mexico Fellows, were welcomed in Tripoli, Khaled's hometown. They were introduced to its rich history and culture and spent a whole day with him exploring the city and visiting the islands of El-Mina. During that day, they had an Arabic-Spanish language exchange, knowing that there are more than 4000 words of Arabic origin in Modern Spanish. 

The collaboration is far from over, since two more Fellows have already arrived in Lebanon in late June, and Khaled will be touring and introducing them to Lebanon as well.

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