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Alumni Retreat 2022

by Teach For Lebanon - Oct 05,2022

At the end of September 2022, Teach For Lebanon held a two-day alumni retreat at Nature Land in Bzebdine, where 20 alumni from different cohorts got together and had the chance to reconnect, gather insights, and set action plans for the future. 

The first day began with a meet and greet, was broken up by networking sessions and coffee breaks, and was followed by training courses on the sense of belonging to TFL and how to become active alumni. Dinner, games, and then a gathering around a bonfire brought the day to a close.

The second day began with a comforting breakfast in the brisk morning air. Discussions about the Fellowship, enhancing the alumni experience, expanding further networking opportunities, expectations, and suggestions about TFL took place throughout the rest of the day.

Not only was the retreat an opportunity to reconnect with alumni, but also with nature, as a break before returning to the real world with full power and momentum. 

Here are some of the testimonials we received from the alumni:

"The alumni have these great experiences that they can share among each other and among Fellows as well." Mohsen El Husseini (C4 Alumnus) 

"This retreat made me relive the TFL experience again and feel the joy in it," Fatima Zahabi (C8 Alumna)

"This retreat involved a lot of activities that helped us entangle with each other and further our network and connections," Hussein Saade (C8 Alumnus)

"I had the chance to reconnect with people from my own cohort and to build connections with alumni from different cohorts," Karine Rouphael (C10 Alumna)

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