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“Leadership for Learning Through Displacement” Project MEHE Approval

by Teach For Lebanon - Mar 06,2023

On Wednesday, February 22, 2023, a delegation from Teach For Lebanon (TFL) visited His Excellency the Minister of Education and Higher Education (MEHE), Judge Dr. Abbas Al-Halabi, where an in-depth presentation of TFL activities and projects implemented in public schools across Lebanon, was presented. 

The meeting kicked off by highlighting the close cooperation with MEHE that TFL has applied since its inception in 2008, and the excellent relations it enjoys with the ministry’s central and regional officials. Then an in-depth presentation of TFL’s Fellowship Program, its growth, and its impact followed, coupled with exposure to all of the projects that are being implemented by TFL in public schools across Lebanon, including the English Access Microscholarship Program (Access) funded by the U.S. Embassy.

Moreover, the Learning Recovery Hotline project, executed by TFL with UNICEF, was also presented, along with the online/WhatsApp lessons revision model which TFL’s Fellows are conducting for their students’ benefit during the current public teachers’ strike.

Getting to the meeting’s subject matter, the delegation lastly presented Teach For Lebanon's new project, "Leadership for Learning Through Displacement," which is set to be implemented in partnership with the International Rescue Committee (IRC) in Tripoli, Akkar and Koura. His Excellency was also made aware of this project’s expected positive impact, not only on the students at the schools it’ll cover over the next two years, but also on their teacher bodies from the transfer of knowledge, it proposes to make in the critical area of Education in Emergencies. Let alone the project's potential for replication in other concerned regions of Lebanon further in time.

His Excellency expressed his appreciation and support for Teach For Lebanon's efforts and formally approved there and then the letter that TFL submitted with a request to implement the "Leadership for Learning Through Displacement" project in cooperation with a designated list of 12 public schools in North Lebanon and MEHE’s regional directorate that governs them.


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