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Fellow Dima Loubani’s Transformative Experience at the Teach for Qatar Summer Institute

by Teach For Lebanon - Jul 25,2023

In June 2023, Teach For Lebanon (TFL) Cohort 14 Fellow Dima Loubani attended the Teach for Qatar Summer Institute (SI). 

Over the course of her six-day visit, Dima had the opportunity to learn, participate, and connect with fellow educators from diverse backgrounds. Each day was filled with valuable sessions, engaging discussions, and moments of personal growth. 

On the first day, she was warmly welcomed by Ms. Nada Soudy from Teach For All and the Teach For Qatar (TFQ) team. The first day set the tone for an inspiring week ahead. The sessions during this day provided an immersive introduction to the Teach for Qatar program and its vision for educational equity. She eagerly participated in discussions, absorbing valuable insights and strategies shared by experienced educators. This day laid the foundation for her understanding of the Teach for Qatar mission and ignited her enthusiasm to make a difference in the lives of students.

During her SI visit, Dima took the stage to share her Fellowship experience with TFL. She spoke passionately about the challenges she faced as an educator and the innovative strategies she employed to engage her students. By sharing her personal stories and reflections, she aimed to inspire her fellow educators and encourage them to think creatively in overcoming their own obstacles. This experience empowered her to become a stronger advocate for quality education and gave her the confidence to speak out on important issues in the field.

Dima actively participated in discussions and built meaningful relationships with her fellow TFQ educators. The interactive nature of the sessions allowed for the exchange of ideas, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment. Through these interactions, Dima gained new perspectives, learned from others' experiences, and expanded her network of like-minded individuals who shared the same passion for education.

On the final day of the SI, Dima had the opportunity to engage in an interview with a Fellow from Teach for Qatar, as they reflected on their teaching experiences and the lessons learned during the SI. It was a culmination of the transformative journey they had embarked on together, as they shared their aspirations, challenges, and strategies for driving positive change in the education landscape.

From the initial introduction to the final reflective interview, each day brought new learnings, connections, and personal growth. Dima left the institute with a renewed sense of purpose, armed with innovative teaching strategies and a network of dedicated individuals striving to make a difference in education.

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