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TFL Fellow attends GGMUN Conference in Malaysia

by Teach For Lebanon - Jan 14,2019
Teach For Lebanon Fellow Ghadeer El Saghir was selected among 370 delegates to attend the GGMUN conference in Malaysia, in January 2019, with over 70 people representing their countries as ambassadors for SDG Goal 4: Quality Education.

The Global Goals Model United Nations (GGMUN) aims to provide a platform for young future diplomats to encourage themselves in understanding global issues and its policies.

“We were exchanging ideas, knowledge, experiences, and writing final-paper resolutions for global educational problems”

“Meeting with teachers, NGO founders, and young school leaders from all around the globe opened my eyes to new educational approaches from different cultures to solve problems in my own country.

This international exchange gave me the chance to appreciate what we are already doing in the educational field here in Lebanon; however, it also made me realize the extra work and effort we still need to do to foster education. As our sense of mutual responsibility grows, our message as educators needs to propagate to the coming generations.

This experience was a great opportunity for me to exchange ideas, knowledge and experiences with my peers. It enriched me with new educational tools that I will implement in my work; it also made me realize that our effect on students and societies is bottomless; we matched problems in one country with solutions from other countries and this was a unique learning opportunity.

Teach for Lebanon is about “walking the extra mile” to make a difference, and I am proud to take this value with me wherever I go.”

Ghadeeer El Saghir, Cohort 9 Fellow

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