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10 Years of Service

by Teach For Lebanon - Mar 27,2019

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Every child deserves the right to a quality education. Lebanon has struggled to increase the quality of public education since the end of the civil war. 

Since 2008, 149 Teach For Lebanon Fellows have significantly transformed the lives of more than 31.100 students in 61 schools.

Teach For Lebanon is a Lebanese NGO working to ensure that all children in Lebanon, regardless of socioeconomic background, have access to a quality Education. Teach For Lebanon employs and trains top graduates and places them in schools, orphanages, semi-free schools and public schools serving underprivileged refugee and Lebanese children. They provide transformational teaching that places their students on a path of academic success. They provide psycho-social support to their students through recreational activities and psycho-educative interventions in teaching.

The 2019/2020 Academic Year has been a very unusual and challenging school year because of the closures due first to the October 17 political events, followed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The challenges have been compounded by the fact that many Lebanese and Syrian refugee students have had limited to no access to technology to complete their curriculum.

The national response plan by the Lebanese Ministry of Education aimed to implement e-learning remotely and support the efforts of public and private schools with the aim of completing the academic year with the least possible damage. Teach For Lebanon Fellows were up to the task and challenge, often making educational resources available through WhatsApp groups.

Our young teachers, eager to follow up on their students’ learning, have also been coordinating together to find and share solutions on how to keep their students engaged with fun activities.

Teach For Lebanon believes that improving the educational opportunities for young people will lead to a more prosperous, peaceful, democratic and sustainable Lebanon.

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