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News >Access Alumni Grantees Progress Session

Jul 28,2021
A couple of weeks ago our Access team led individual sessions with the Access Alumni grantees to check the progress they had made on their respective projects and discuss their needs, next steps, challenges, and lessons learned.

Despite the crises (economic, social, infrastructural, and medical) Lebanon is passing through, our grantees are proceeding with their projects, undaunted in their efforts to change their communities for the better. Some of what they said they’ve learned so far includes: becoming more patient, developing communication skills, learning how to use advanced technology in the service of a project, managing time effectively, and managing complex projects.

As a reminder, our Access Alumni Mini Grant winners are:
- Ismail Awad, whose “House of Mastery” will provide master classes to 120 youths aged 17–25 in order to enhance their employability skills
- Raghat Farhat and Nour Al-Houda Siage, whose “Learners Do Matter” will provide career guidance to 200 high school students through a series of workshops and tests;
- and Nour Lakkis and Mada Yazbeck, whose “Women Entrepreneurship Hub” will provide entrepreneurship training sessions to 80 women from North and Bekaa in order to empower them to start their own small businesses.

Huge thanks to the US Embassy in Beirut for sponsoring this program!

"Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world”

- Nelson Mandela -