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Abbas & Abed's story

by Teach For Lebanon - Aug 07,2018
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This is what Abdel Razzak Abd Al Wahhab's dad, Syrian refugee, told me in an interview at their house: "We live on a farm, and live off of what the farm produces; we never know what the future will bring us; we take each day as it comes."

Abdel Razzak has been my student for the past two years, in one of Lebanon's poorest, underprivileged schools (Al Haydariyah School, Sarafand). As a teacher, I'm supposed to build new horizons for deprived children; I have to do my best to offer them the best Education they can get.
Abed is the first student that comes to mind when I think about my experience as a teacher. He gave meaning to my teaching experience. Below his testimonial…

"I always thought life revolved around Syria, our house in Lebanon and school. I also thought that the cities we were taught about were unreachable. All of that was until I was accepted as a student leader in the teach for all student leadership council. I was the only student from Teach for Lebanon who was accepted for the Kids Education Revolution in India after Mr. Abbass communicated with them about his work with me at school. I also didn't know that there was something called a university until Mr. Abbass took me to visit the American University of Beirut. I now dream to become a college student someday. He didn't only make me love science, he also convicted me that I can achieve a better future for me and my family. Him teaching me influenced my life in many ways, especially my social life. 

I never used to study. In fact, I hated school. However, after Mr. Abbass came along and told us his story; he changed my mentality and showed me the road to success. He changed my life and made school the best place I could ever want to be in. 

At school, a place where we learn, we never study morals and values. Mr. Abbass came along and gave us values that changed the way we look at life: to be persistent, never give up, to stay humble and down to earth. He taught me the meaning of 'when there's a will there's a way' even when poverty is all we have. He showed us people who had nothing and are now some of the most famous and successful people in the world; all because they had a vision.

I can't help but be sad that Mr. Abbass won't teach me anymore, but I'm also very thankful that a person like him got to teach me. I am happy that I will be a different person these upcoming years. I now know the right way and am on the path to becoming as influential as my teacher.”

Abbas Maana is a Teach For Lebanon Cohort 8 Fellow, 2017-2018

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