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Bronze Sponsors
  • Anis Adel
  • Antoine & Raya Nahas
  • Audi Bank
  • Diamony
  • Anonymous
  • Ted & Laufey Bustany
  • Fuad Sawaya
  • Tony Tamer
  • Amira & Jim Luikart
  • Sam & Salma Gibara
  • Monir & Hayat Barakat
  • Charles & Gabriela Shaw
  • Rima Abushakra
  • Charles & Karine Boorady
  • Ramzi Dagher
  • Camile Saba
  • The Salaam Club
  • Bud & Sylviane Zehil
  • Habib Kairouz

Fellowship Champions

Teach For Lebanon's program requires donations to recruit, train, accommodate and remunerate a Fellow that will impact the lives of 100 students throughout a full academic year. Teach For Lebanon is honored to have several of Fellowship Champions who have committed to contribute for multi-year commitments in support of TFL's vision and mission.
Sponsors & Donors
Starting date
Mr. Naji & Nada Abumrad
1 Fellowship in honor of Rafik Aoun, for 5 years
Mr. Ziad & Ghada Jebara
1 Fellowship in honor of Ghada Jebara for 3 years
Mrs. Maryann Evans
1 Fellowship in honor of Edwin Roos, 1 year
Mr. Maher, Mr. Zafer & Mrs. Gida Achi
1 Fellowship in honor of Georges & Colette Achi, 5 years
2 Fellowships for 5 years
Mr. Charbel & Aida Tagher
2 Fellowships; One in Honor of Isabelle & Homere Tagher, and another in the honor of Salma and Sam Gibara, for 5 years
Mr. George Zakhem
2 Fellowships in honor of Hanne Zakhem, for 5 years.
The Levant Foundation
2 Fellowships, for 5 years.
The Raymond Debbane Family Foundation
2 Fellowships; One Fellowship in the name of Francis Debbane and another one for Hilda Debbane, for 5 years.
  Any donations could be made through TFL-US, which is a 501(c)(3) corporation and would get the donors a tax deduction in the US.

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