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Teach for Lebanon is where the Executive and Board Members, along with the Fellows, the donors and university affiliates come together to bring this organization to life. Meet the team.

Salyne El Samarany


Salyne is a mother of three and the Chief Executive Officer of Teach For Lebanon. She staunchly believes that providing excellence and equity in educational opportunities for Lebanon’s children is fundamental to the nation’s well being and necessary for its positive development, and that Teach For Lebanon’s fellowship program, by which it channels qualified young leaders into the education sector, is a meaningful step in the right direction. Salyne is a MEPI Student Leader and a Teach For Lebanon alumna (2009, Cohort 1). She was selected as the Lebanese Youth Ambassador by the Arab Thought Foundation (ATF). She received the 2014 UN Special Envoy for Global Education’s Youth Courage Award, as well as the ATF’s 2016 Arab Creativity Award. In 2018, she was selected as one of Facebook’s first global “Community Leaders” (as part of the Facebook Community Leader Program). Salyne holds a masters in business management and has studied the art of “consultancy with soul” through INTRAC’s Consultants for Change program. She has more than ten years of experience designing, implementing, and managing holistic projects serving underprivileged communities across Lebanon. She enjoys being part of a team with a clear sense of purpose.

Farah Abou Maita

Head of Training & Support

Farah’s passion for education led her to join Teach For Lebanon in 2012 as an education mentor. At that time, she also managed TFL’s communication and marketing departments. Today, she is our head of training and support. Her responsibilities include training and mentoring fellows, managing the education team by following up with the other mentors, designing monthly professional development workshops, and designing and leading on the curriculum for the six-week summer program (also known as the Summer Institute) that prepares our fellows for the two-year fellowship program. 

Farah holds a bachelor’s degree in english language and literature from the Lebanese University. She has also completed seven courses in education at Haigazian University. She is currently pursuing a certificate in advanced education leadership from the Harvard School of Education. 

Farah taught English as a second language for thirteen years, at all grade levels from two to twelve. She has also given private lessons to university students, taught English as a second language at the Bourj Al Barajneh Palestinian refugee camp, and worked as translator of documentary films. Since joining TFL, Farah has participated in global conferences and workshops through the Teach For All network and gained experience in the fields of education, marketing, and communications.

Mike Malek

Development Officer

Mike Malek’s passion for education led him to join Teach for Lebanon as a development officer in 2019. The bulk of his work is to build and maintain strong relationships with national and international donors including individuals, corporations, foundations, banks, and NGOs. 

Mike holds two bachelor's degrees –  in biology and in chemical engineering – as well as a master’s degree in chemical engineering. He has published a variety of scientific papers, as well as given workshops to youths and students, on matters relating to renewable energy, sustainable development, and climate change. Prior to joining Teach for Lebanon, Mike worked as a biomass engineer for the EU.

Mohsen El Husseini

Head of HR

Mohsen is currently the head of our HR department and our recruitment manager. The bulk of his work consists in selecting and recruiting top notch candidates for all positions from executive staff to fellows to teachers, as well as managing and following up on the tasks of his team. Mohsen joined TFL as a fellow in 2012 because he found our organization’s mission and vision to match what he wanted his country’s educational framework to be like. Mohsen was a public school student and experienced the inequities of the current system firsthand. So he wants to change the system in order to see each and every child provided with quality education, regardless of their background. Mohsen holds a masters degree in microbiology and immunology from the American University of Beirut. On top of being an alum of the TFL fellowship program, he is an alum of the English Access program. He was also a volunteer at the Lebanese Red Cross for ten years, from 2010 to 2020.

Manar Hammoud

Access Program Coordinator

Manar joined TFL as a fellow in 2016; she was placed in Bakhaoun, North Lebanon. The fellowship taught her a lot about the importance of education in making a change in any community. After her fellowship, Manar wanted to keep working with TFL in order to continue having an impact, so she joined the team as education mentor for North Lebanon. Currently, Manar is the coordinator for the English Access Microscholarship Program. She oversees the progress of the program to ensure that its main goals are met. She creates timelines, schedules, and work-plans with the Access team, relevant departments, and external stakeholders to ensure the implementation of planned activities. She also manages the administrative tasks for the project. 


Manar enjoys long walks in nature.

Mouhammad Houssari

Chief Operating Officer

Mouhammad Houssari is a specialist in Healthcare and NGO management with extensive experience in quality management and operational optimization. He was the Director of the Dr. Mohammed Khaled Social Foundations’ Specialized Medical Rehabilitation Hospital (Beirut) for four years, where he worked on developing its services and operations and securing national accreditation. Mouhammad is one of the founders of the Occupational Therapy Department at the Lebanese University (Beirut), and he was a lecturing professor at the LU’s Public Health faculty for 17 years. He has also worked as an expert consultant in a large number of medical, educational, and social institutions in Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Malaysia, Kyrgyzstan, and Tanzania.

Mouhammad joined TFL in 2020. As the organization’s Chief Operating Officer, Mouhammad oversees the coordination and implementation of its strategies, policies, protocols, and operational processes. Working in concert with a variety of stakeholders, he strives to develop the organization's capabilities and to maximize its impact in order to lay the foundations for a better future for Lebanon.

Ghewa Zeitouni

Financial Officer

Ghewa joined Teach For Lebanon as a financial officer in January 2020. She works with the organization’s senior management to develop the annual budget and monthly financial reports, and she contributes to the maintenance of an accurate, up-to-date general ledger. She joined TFL to acquire experience in the field of education and to work with people who are motivated to give back. 

Ghewa holds a bachelor’s degree in financial engineering from Sagesse University and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in petroleum management.

Ahmad Kassem

Education Mentor

Ahmad holds a bachelor’s degree in banking and finance.  Prior to joining TFL, he worked as an accountant, a warehouse manager, an English teacher, and a teacher trainer. Ahmad joined TFL in November of 2020 as an education mentor. He provides logistical, technical, and emotional guidance and support to our fellows in Beirut and in southern Lebanon. 

Ahmad believes that access to excellent education regardless of socioeconomic background is a human right, and that TFL is playing a key role in ensuring that Lebanese children are granted this right. He wants to help TFL grow and thrive in order to maximize its positive impacts.

Joelle Mrad

Education Mentor

Joelle joined TFL in November of 2020 as an education mentor. She manages the training and support of our fellows, equipping them with the knowledge, skillset, and mindset to become highly effective teachers. Joelle holds a bachelor’s degree in English literature from the Lebanese University. Prior to joining TFL, she worked as a school advisor at the GC Model UN, as an English teacher, and as an English editor. 

Joelle works for TFL because she believes in its humanitarian mission of delivering quality education to students regardless of their socioeconomic background – it’s a chance to make a difference in our society.

Sarah Salem

Recruitment Officer

Sarah joined TFL as a recruitment and selection officer in January 2021. She is currently working on the Access Program, which TFL has newly begun to implement. Sarah holds a master’s degree in human resources for the American University of Beirut. Before joining TFL, Sarah did a variety of internships, but this is her first actual job. Outside of her academic and professional life, Sarah volunteers at the Lebanese Red Cross as an emergency medical technician (EMT). In the course of this work, she constantly witnesses misfortunes and inequalities among the people she tries to help. She believes TFL is trying to redress such issues, and this is why she is committed to the vision and mission of our organization.

Zeina Kammoun

Communications & Marketing Manager

Zeina holds a bachelor's degree in graphic design from the American University of Beirut. She has 13 years of experience working in communications and branding in Beirut, in positions including design manager and senior art director. She joined TFL in December 2020, after over a decade of working in the corporate world, because she felt that she needed to use the skills she had developed to serve a humanitarian cause, and that this would bring meaning and purpose to her work. 


Zeina’s responsibilities include managing TFL’s day-to-day digital activities and communications, developing and homogenizing the TFL brand, setting up promotional activities and events, and managing external communications. Zeina's role is to be a bridge between TFL and its many stakeholders. She dedicates her time to ensuring that the achievements of our organization – of our staff, fellows, and students – are made visible to all.

Talal Achi

Communications Officer

Talal Achi joined Teach For Lebanon as a communication’s officer in January 2021. He specializes in copywriting and copyediting. Prior to joining TFL, Talal worked in a variety of fields including advertising, literary editing, and pedagogical software design. Talal joined TFL because he found the organization’s cause, as well as the people serving it, thoroughly compelling. He has faith that his work will be a net good for people, which is why he is doing it. 

Talal holds a bachelor’s degree in English literature from Lewis & Clark College (Portland, OR) as well as a master’s degree in creative writing from the University of Guelph (Guelph, ON). 

Amir Hijazi

Project Manager

Amir joined Teach For Lebanon as a project manager in September 2020 because he is aligned with our organization’s commitment to provide the Lebanese people with equal opportunities in the fields of education and professional development. He is currently responsible for the implementation of TFL’s 1001 Nights program across 150 Lebanese schools, as well as for the development and maintenance of TFL’s channel on Storyvoice, through which our fellows host weekly story readings and interactive activities on educational themes (these sessions are open to all students in Lebanon).


Amir has a background in project management with a focus on data collection and analysis, designing educational strategies, building relationships, and coaching individuals to success. He has worked on a variety of sociocultural projects, including “Bridging the Gap,” a 2018 cultural project and documentary set in Saida, Lebanon, and funded by the US Department of State. Amir was the president of the Lebanese alumni association of the Youth Exchange and Study program (YES). He was part of the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ 2020 delegation to the UN’s economic and social council (ECOSOC).

George El Assad

Access Program Director

George is a professional leader of people as well as a manager of resources and budgets. His profile combines C-Suite experience and senior communications practice. He has operated on a multi-market basis in the MENA region and dealt with major multinational corporations as well as with public officials at the highest levels. Throughout his work, George emphasizes ethics and integrity.


Eager to share the expertise he gained in the corporate world with nonprofits operating in Lebanon, especially at this critical juncture, George found the opportunity he was looking for at Teach for Lebanon. In particular George is committed to and proud of the goals of the English Access Microscholarship Program, of which he is the director. George has been keenly interested in the English language since he was a graduate student at AUB, and the program’s objective of developing the students' leadership skills also strongly appeals to him. Moreover, Access puts an emphasis on soft skills which are very much in line with those he developed over the course of his MBA in the field (master’s in managing organizations of the net economy).

Rima Sherkawi

Access Program Mentor

Rima Sherkawi joined Teach For Lebanon as an English Access Microscholarship Program mentor in February 2021. She holds a master’s degree in educational management from the Lebanese American university. Rima is also an alumni of TFL’s fellowship program (Cohort 1, 2009–2011). The two-year teaching experience had an extremely positive impact on her, both personally and professionally. Post-fellowship, she decided to continue teaching English. Overall, she has accumulated 14 years of experience teaching at levels ranging from kindergarten to high school. 

Rima has always noticed major discrepancies and inequalities in education between private and public schools. TFL gives her the opportunity to contribute in breaking this cycle of inequality and providing all students with what they need and deserve – all in order to build a better future. 

Rodaina Bou Shaheen

Access Alumni Coordinator

Rodaina joined TFL at the end of 2020 as the Access Alumni project coordinator. As an alumna of both the Access program and TFL’s fellowship program, she believes her current position as alumni coordinator is an opportunity for her to express the knowledge and skill she acquired over the course of those two life-changing experiences.

Rodaina holds a masters in human resources management from the American University of Beirut. She is the co-founder of the Lebanese State Alumni Community’s Mount Lebanon II chapter. She participated in the Professional Fellows program in Washington DC, as well as in a number of other local and international programs and events, notably Erasmus+. She was the first prize winner of the EBDA Business Competition for her startup, Reef Catering, which focuses on rural women empowerment.

Pamela Hindi

Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator

Pamela joined Teach For Lebanon (TFL) as monitoring and evaluation (M&E) Coordinator in May 2021. Her responsibilities include preparing logframes for all education-related TFL projects, as well as developing and implementing M&E tools for these projects. Prior to joining TFL, Pamela worked as an M&E officer for HelpAge, an international NGO serving older persons, for four years. After these four years, she found herself wanting to explore working in other areas of public health, such as education. When she was offered a job at TFL, she saw it as an opportunity to learn and grow personally and professionally, and to open new doors for herself. 

Pamela holds a bachelor’s of public health and developmental sciences from the University of Balamand, and she is currently pursuing a master’s in human rights  from Notre Dame university.

Lina W. Harati

Education Adviser

Lina has been part of the TFL family since 2014. She is now an education adviser for the Access program

Lina has been in the field of education for twenty years. She holds a doctorate in educational leadership from Saint Louis University. She has worked as teacher, subject coordinator, and departmental coordinator at the K-12 school level, and she has held assistant professor positions at universities in Lebanon and abroad. She has written a book and multiple articles about education. 

Lina has also led a number of professional development workshops. She specializes in curriculum design, education leadership, professional development, and career guidance. 

Lina is sure that the only solution to a better future is through education. She believes TFL’s mission aligns with her own, and that it is being executed in an effective and positive way. 

Fatima Shahrour

Project Assistant

Fatima joined TFL as a Fellow in 2019. In 2021, shortly after graduating from the program, she joined the executive team as a project assistant. 

Fatima holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the American University of Beirut, a diploma in education and leadership management from the Lebanese American University, and she is currently pursuing a master’s degree in chemistry from the American University of Beirut. She was a participant in the UNDP’s Youth Leadership Programme, as well as a member of Teach For All’s Student Leadership community. 

Throughout her life, Fatima witnessed firsthand the lack of quality education in Lebanon; therefore, she finds it inspiring to have an NGO like TFL instill the value of leadership in individuals. She joined TFL because she believes in the vision and wants to be a part of the impact.

Nagham Al Banna

Project Officer

Nagham El Banna joined Teach For Lebanon (TFL) as a project officer in August 2021; she is currently working on our 1001 Nights program. 

Prior to joining us as a project officer, Nagham was a TFL Fellow (Cohort 10). 

Nagham holds a bachelor’s degree in international affairs and political science from the Lebanese American University, as well as a master’s degree in rural community development from the American University of Beirut. She has experience working in the humanitarian sector with entities including Rural Entrepreneurs, Tatweer Baladna, Women Ascension, YMV, the British Council, and UNICEF

When asked “Why are you working with TFL, Nagham answers: “I’ve always wanted to make this world a better place through impacting the lives of others. I believe that TFL gives us the platform to change lives  and leave an impact.”

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