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Summer Institute


The TFL Summer Institute is TFL’s most crucial part of our program before the kick-off of each academic year.
The annual Summer Institute is an intense pre-service training for a group of rigorously selected Fellow candidates who will also be responsible for running a summer school program for 300+ underprivileged Lebanese and refugee children.

This theoretical and field-based experience is a very condensed yet rewarding program. First, students who are less privileged will benefit from a fully-covered summer school which is an educative, entertaining, and safe space to support the students’ academic progress for better achievements during the next academic year. The summer school is designed to develop the students’ skills and talents through their participation in various activities such as in acting, singing, drawing, reciting poetry, writing sketches and songs reflecting core values of civic education. Second, this program which is staffed with a number of professionals and educational experts, plays a key role in preparing Fellows for their two-year placement. 


Facility Fund


In order to provide all children in Lebanon with equal opportunities, the Facility Fund is an individually designed program set up to renovate or establish a facility room within a school’s premises for educational use. This can include: refurbishing a classroom, creating a school library, setting up a computer room, a science lab or an auditorium, equipping a playground, and others.
The donor may name this room after themselves or anyone they wish. 


"In-Honor" Fellowship Fund


This Championship Fund is program to honor and perpetuate the spirit and character of a living or deceased in memory and recognition of their passion for children, youth, education and country. This includes fully funding a Fellow (employment, training, remuneration, insurance and ongoing- professional development) who will be responsible for providing quality education for nearly 135 students, per academic year. 

Thus, this investment will provide young motivated youth with a job opportunity that will allow them to act upon their leadership skills to be active and responsible agents of change. This fund’s impact goes beyond the classroom walls and into the community as it builds on the Fellow’s leadership in initiating after-school activities whereby the Fellows engage the students’ caregivers and the school’s community by developing community projects and engaging them in workshops.                                              

For AY 2018- 2019 TFL plans to place 50 Fellows in various schools throughout Lebanon. Become a TFL Fellowship champion!
                                                                                                                                   *$20,000/ Fellow/ year

Spark with Us Fund


Spark with US is a program designed to build the capacity of our Fellows and their students by sponsoring a monthly professional development training or workshop. These days are designed based on needs assessments to further build on our Fellows leadership skills to eradicate education inequity and to empower them with the needed skills, knowledge and values for long-term impact and sustainability as effective citizens.
The donor is welcome to host this impact day and name it under their identity.

$10,000 per one-day workshop

Future Generation Fund


Our future is dependent on the next generations. Together we can create a pool of ambitious, smart and enthusiastic youth who look forward to creating a better Lebanon and world.
There are two programs that fall under this Fund:

A) Attracting Talents sponsors TFL’s annual 6 months recruitment campaign inclusive of impact days, matriculation events, job fairs, campus visits and assessment centers to attract more talented youth into the program.  Below are the recognition packages for the recruitment campaign where donor recognition is customized based on the level of contribution:

$15,000 (partial)
$30,000 (half)
$45,000  (full coverage)

B) Out of the Box provides students with activities after school. Aside from curricular learning, children need to be exposed to a number of topics and activities to raise their horizons, unleash their talents and reach their full potential. Through this fund a donor can choose the school of his choice or select a topic or activity for students to explore.

The donor can be engaged to volunteer at the school for this specific activity which will be provided twice per week:
Super Heroes support the activities of 70 students – $9,000-10,999 
Ground breakers support the activities of 50 students – $7,000- 8,999 
Star Chaser support the activities of 25 students -$5,000- 6,999

Student-Classroom Fund


Support a student:  Supporting the education of children in Lebanon by monthly donating $22/student to receive quality education.

Support a classroom: Designed for individuals who would like to sponsor a classroom of 25 students/month ($550/class/month or $4,400/classroom year).

Where We Work

"Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world”

- Nelson Mandela -