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As a non-profit organization, TFL relies on the generous commitments and support of numerous donors both inside and outside Lebanon to mobilize and inspire a wider movement of leaders that aims to provide transformational education to a total of 40,600 students within the next 4 years. By contributing and joining the movement your donation will fuel a movement of leaders into the action required to reach our goal and fight for educational equity in for all children in Lebanon. 

TFL is committed to and practices good governance. It is accountable and transparent to its various stakeholders and is registered under the Lebanese Ministry of Interior and Municipalities, registration number 1518 and Lebanese Ministry of Finance, registration number 2703441. TFL also presents its annual reports to the Ministries of Finance and the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities for approval, resulting in the organization receiving a Certificate of Clearance. To maintain transparency in financial reporting, TFL undergoes annual auditing with KPMG and auditing reports are shared with donors, upon request.

Where We Work

"Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world”

- Nelson Mandela -