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  • C15 Fellow Empowering Minds and Promoting Equality at Hasbaya Public School for Boys

    by Teach For Lebanon - Nov 14,2023

    In a remarkable initiative, Cohort 15 Fellow Wafaa Badawi organized an impactful extracurricular activity for her ninth-grade students at Hasbaya Public School for Boys. This initiative, aligned with the "Let Girls Thrive" project under the Fellowship program, aimed to empower girls and promote gender equality.

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  • Teach For Lebanon Hosts its Annual Christmas Lunch

    by Teach For Lebanon - Jan 05,2024

    Teach For Lebanon was thrilled to host its Annual Christmas lunch on December 16, 2023, at the Padova Hotel in Sin El Fil. The event brought together 160 esteemed individuals, including TFL board members, staff, university partners, MEHE representatives, NGOs, public school principals, Access teachers, Fellows, and cherished alumni.

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  • Leadership for Learning through Displacement Project "ReconnectEd"

    by Teach For Lebanon - Mar 18,2024
    As part of the Leadership for Learning through Displacement Project, TFL alumnus Lubna Al Majzoub implemented a community service project “Reconnected” under the Education in Emergencies theme in Mansoura, West Bekaa, Lebanon.
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  • Informative Recruitment Session at LAU

    by Teach For Lebanon - Mar 18,2024
  • Collaboration between TFL-US and LebNet

    by Teach For Lebanon - Mar 21,2024
    We're thrilled to announce a collaboration between TFL-US and LebNet, resulting in the donation of nine Lenovo laptops to create a computer lab at Salma Sayegh Public School in Achrafieh. 
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  • New Partnership with GIZ on the "Online Tools for Learning" Project

    by Teach For Lebanon - Apr 15,2024
    We are thrilled to share our newest partnership with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) on the Online Tools for Learning project! This project is implemented by GIZ, in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MEHE) and in cooperation with Teach For Lebanon.
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  • C14 Fellow Fatima Saadeh Wins the YSI IAP Gold Award

    by Teach For Lebanon - Aug 22,2023
    Exciting news! Cohort 14 Fellow Fatima Saadeh and her 7th-grade students have won the Young Social Innovators International Awards Programme (YSI IAP) Gold Award for their great work on a project to stop bullying. 

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  • C13 Fellow Ahmad Baghdadi Attends the GlobalSchool Forum 2030 in Portugal

    by Teach For Lebanon - Aug 22,2023

    On July 5th, 2023, Cohort 13 Fellow Ahmad Baghdadi participated in the Global Forum Schools 2030 held in Porto, Portugal.

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  • Heads of Alumni Event in London

    by Teach For Lebanon - Jul 27,2023

    From June 30 to July 3rd, 2023, TFL and Access Alumni Coordinator Rodaina Boushaheen was invited by Teach For All to attend the Heads of Alumni Strategy Sprint event in London. 

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  • Fellow Dima Loubani’s Transformative Experience at the Teach for Qatar Summer Institute

    by Teach For Lebanon - Jul 25,2023

    In June 2023, Teach For Lebanon (TFL) Cohort 14 Fellow Dima Loubani attended the Teach for Qatar Summer Institute (SI). Over the course of her six-day visit, Dima had the opportunity to learn, participate, and connect with fellow educators from diverse backgrounds. Each day was filled with valuable sessions, engaging discussions, and moments of personal growth.

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  • SEL Activities: Stepping Stones to Enhancing Students’ Interactions

    by Teach For Lebanon - Jun 12,2023
    From the 22nd until the 30th of April 2023, Cohort 13 TFL Fellow Rozan Dakroub visited Germany to meet Fellow Luisa Schulze from Teach First Deutschland and cooperate on the "SEL Beyond Borders" social-emotional learning program, which they designed to reduce emotional distress among refugee kids. 

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  • An RSM Visit to Enseña Chile

    by Teach For Lebanon - Jul 14,2023

    Co-hosted with Ensena Chile, Teach For All hosted “RSM Conference: University Recruitment and Selection Research” from June 13th to 16th, bringing together recruitment and selection leaders from across the network to Santiago, Chile, to share their successes, challenges and learnings.

    Among the attendees was TFL’s Head of HR Department, Mr. Mohsen El-Husseini, who helped set a strategy for selecting the Fellows, and performed selection research to optimize the processes and outcomes, to recruit the best Fellows. 

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  • Teach For Lebanon Hosts Teach For All’s First Education in Emergencies (EiE) Immersion

    by Teach For Lebanon - May 29,2023

    Nine partner organizations from Teach For All's worldwide network gathered in Byblos, Lebanon, for a Network Learning Circle (NLC) event that was organized by TFL in cooperation with TFALL from Saturday, April 28, to Wednesday, May 3, 2023. The network partners included Teach For Sweden, Teach For Ukraine, Teach For Armenia, Teach For Uganda, Teach For Mexico, Teach For Italy, Teach For Colombia, Teach For Ethiopia, and Teach For Bangladesh.

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  • “Leadership for Learning Through Displacement” Project MEHE Approval

    by Teach For Lebanon - Mar 06,2023

    On Wednesday, February 22, 2023, a delegation from Teach For Lebanon (TFL) visited His Excellency the Minister of Education and Higher Education (MEHE), Judge Dr. Abbas Al-Halabi, where an in-depth presentation of TFL activities and projects implemented in public schools across Lebanon, was presented. 

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  • A Renewed Partnership with Notre Dame University

    by Teach For Lebanon - Mar 06,2023

    With great pleasure, we formally reaffirm our affiliation with the esteemed Notre Dame University (NDU) in support of the Graduate Scholarship Fund.

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  • Haigazian University and Teach For Lebanon Graduate Scholarship Fund

    by Teach For Lebanon - Feb 23,2023

    It is with great pleasure that we announce our renewed partnership with the prestigious Haigazian University in relation to its Graduate Scholarship Fund. This fund either fully supports the tuition of one full-time graduate Fellow, or grants 50% scholarships to two graduate Fellows recommended by Teach For Lebanon.

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  • Inside One of Our Professional Development Sessions

    by Teach For Lebanon - Mar 01,2023

    On February 25, 2023,  the TFL Education Department held a Professional Development (PD) session at Haigazian University as a part of the Fellowship program's monthly PD sessions. 

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  • Leadership for Learning Through Displacement

    by Teach For Lebanon - Dec 13,2022

    Teach For All, and the International Rescue Committee (IRC) announced their Leadership for Learning Through Displacement Partnership, to improve access to quality education for children forcibly displaced by conflict. The partnership involves network partners Teach For Lebanon, Teach For Bangladesh, and Teach For Poland. 

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  • Welcome 2023 Lunch Event

    by Teach For Lebanon - Dec 13,2022

    On Saturday, December 10, 2022, Teach For Lebanon welcomed the year 2023 at its annual lunch in celebration of its achievements during 2022 along with its sponsors and donors.

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  • Don't Stop Learning Competition

    by Teach For Lebanon - Dec 08,2022
    As part of the "Don’t Stop Learning Innovation Award," Teach For Lebanon held a competition in September 2022, for teachers who have taken the initiative to design and implement innovative educational strategies compatible with blended and remote learning, that have helped students acquire and develop the skills and knowledge needed.
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  • TFL Fellow Ahmad Al Baghdadi Attends UN Climate Change Conferences in Egypt

    by Teach For Lebanon - Dec 01,2022

    TFL proudly announces that Fellow Ahmad Al Baghdadi was selected by TFALL to represent Lebanon in the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) and in the 17th UN Climate Change Conference of Youth (COY17) during the month of November in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt.

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  • The Power of Communication and Empathy in Class Management

    by Teach For Lebanon - Nov 30,2022
    Karen Hamzo, a Cohort 14 Fellow who teaches math and science at "Frères Unis" at the Dekwaneh semi-private school, described how she struggled to manage her class and overcame it through communication.
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  • A Glimpse Into a TFL Professional Development Session

    by Teach For Lebanon - Nov 28,2022
    As part of their Fellowship journey, Fellows from Cohorts 13 and 14 took part in a Professional Development (PD) session on November 19, 2022, where they learned about professional tools they may employ in the future. The PD was held at the Lebanese American University, Beirut Campus, and consisted of three sessions: From Teachers to Teachers, Sexual Education and Gender-Based Violence Projects, and Alumni Info Session.
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  • TFL Alumni Coordinator Visits Bulgaria on a Youth Empowerment Project

    by Teach For Lebanon - Oct 24,2022

    In partnership with the Lebanese Development Network (LDN), TFL Alumni Coordinator Rodaina Boushaheen was invited to participate in the "Youth Empowerment- Road to Success" project about youth empowerment and volunteering, in Uzana, Gabrovo, Bulgaria, for seven days.

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  • Harvard Visit

    by Teach For Lebanon - Oct 13,2022
    TFL proudly announces that the Head of the Education Department, Ms. Farah Abou Maita, and TFL Education Mentor Mr. Ahmad Kassem have completed their Middle East Professional Learning Initiative (MEPLI) Fellowship.

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  • Alumni Retreat 2022

    by Teach For Lebanon - Oct 05,2022

    At the end of September 2022, Teach For Lebanon held a two-day alumni retreat at Nature Land in Bzebdine, where 20 alumni from different cohorts got together and had the chance to reconnect, gather insights, and set action plans for the future. 

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  • Fellows Invited to Attend a Workshop in North Macedonia

    by Teach For Lebanon - Oct 06,2022
    On September 13th, 2022, Fellows Ahmad El Baghdadi and Joyce Saade from Cohort 13, and Yasmina Noureddine from Cohort 14 represented Lebanon and the Lebanese Development Network (LDN) in a digital marketing workshop for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in North Macedonia as part of an Erasmus+ program in which five other countries were present (Albania, Italy, Montenegro, Macedonia, Poland).
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  • Summer Institute 2022

    by Teach For Lebanon - Sep 29,2022

    This year’s Summer Institute (SI) has brought 52 Fellows together for a six-week training program where they gain the necessary skills to become exceptional teachers and leaders.

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  • Access Alumni Mini-Grants Projects Outcome Celebration

    by Teach For Lebanon - Sep 01,2022

    On August 25, 2022, TFL celebrated the Projects Outcome Celebration of the Access Alumni Mini-Grant projects (rounds 1 & 2), carried out in 2021 and 2022, at Haigazian University.

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  • Cohort 12 Graduation Ceremony

    by Teach For Lebanon - Sep 01,2022

    Another TFL milestone has been reached and another group of education and community leaders just completed their Fellowship. On Friday August 5, a graduation ceremony for Cohort 12 was held at the Lebanese American University in Beirut, in the AKSOB building. 

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  • Gaccia Norshahian, Student at one of TFL’s Partner Schools, Invited to Speak on a Climate Education Panel

    by Teach For Lebanon - Jul 29,2022

    On July 13, 2022, a "Learning Forum: Climate Education & Leadership" panel took place with the presence of Wendy Kopp, CEO and co-founder of Teach For All and the founder of Teach For America, where speakers and leaders across the TFALL network attended and talked about their insights about climate education and their projects. 

    Winner at the Innovation Camp (ICAMP) on June 15, 2022, which is a project done by TFL in partnership with INJAZ, 17-year-old Gaccia Norshahian, one of Teach For Lebanon’s students at TFL’s partner school Sahaguian College and a student of Fellow Ahmad AlBaghdadi, was invited to be a speaker at the conference. 

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  • An Invitation To Represent Teach For All On Climate Education!

    by Teach For Lebanon - Jul 22,2022

    Global Head Of Climate Education and Leadership at Teach For All, Mr. Lennart Kuntze, chose and invited Cohort 13 Fellow Ahmad Al Baghdadi of Teach For Lebanon and Mr. Edson Donga of Teach For Zimbabwe to represent the network and offer their direct knowledge of climate education. During the workshop, Ahmad and his colleague emphasized the need to incorporate climate education into existing curricula rather than use it as a stand-alone resource.

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  • A Collaboration with Ensena Por Mexico (Part 2)

    by Teach For Lebanon - Jun 22,2022
    A big part of TFL’s efforts is to connect Fellows and students with network partners. These connections and collaborations come under different umbrellas and objectives. In May, we had an exciting collaboration “Classrooms without Borders Exchange Programme”, which is an international exchange program between Mexico and Lebanon, where a couple of Fellows arrived in Lebanon to meet with their TFL counterparts after engaging in online sessions.

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  • The ICAMP, a collaboration with Injaz

    by Teach For Lebanon - Jun 28,2022

    TFL and Injaz Lebanon (a non-profit organization that aims to educate and prepare Lebanon's youth to become successful entrepreneurs and qualified employees) have joined forces where Fellows delivered INJAZ programs in their schools and classes, in order to introduce entrepreneurial concepts to students at a young age. 

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  • “A Night in Colors” Arts Competition

    by Teach For Lebanon - Jun 29,2022

    Here at Teach For Lebanon, we believe that lessons are not only taught by words but also through art. In April 2022, and in alliance with our 1001 Nights project, we were excited to offer our partner schools with their students from grades 3 to 6, the chance to participate in our "A Night in Colors" arts competition, to showcase their artistic abilities by submitting either a drawing or a theatrical play portraying one moral value either learned or new and inspired by the 1001 Nights project. 

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  • A Collaboration with Ensena Por Mexico (Part 1)

    by Teach For Lebanon - Jul 07,2022

    Fascinated with the Hispanic culture, TFL Fellow Khaled Kammah wanted to take the initiative and start a collaboration with a Spanish-speaking country, and hence picked Mexico. In May, he was behind the fruitful collaboration called the "Classrooms Without Borders Exchange Programme," which is an exchange program between Mexico and Lebanon, took place. 

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  • A visit by TFL supporter Mr. Ray Debbane

    by Teach For Lebanon - Jun 07,2022
    In March, we were delighted to receive Mr. Ray Debbane in our Badaro office. Mr. Debbane has been a long-time supporter of Teach For Lebanon. His effort not only resulted in the organization’s expansion, but it is also important during the critical period Lebanon is passing through.

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  • TFL’S Collaboration with MTV Lebanon and Meta

    by Teach For Lebanon - Jun 07,2022
    During the holy month of Ramadan, Teach For Lebanon collaborated with Meta Middle East and MTV Lebanon to promote reading and digital literacy for its student beneficiaries.
    Through TFL’s acquired educational application and channel called "Storyvoice", and with the help of Meta, TFL co-hosted live read-alouds with celebrities and influencers, which were live-streamed on Facebook, and were recorded.

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  • A visit by TFL supporter Mr. Thomas Abraham

    by Teach For Lebanon - Jun 15,2022
    On April 13, Teach For Lebanon was delighted to receive both Norma and Thomas Abraham, exceptional people, and TFL loyal donors, who have been supporting our mission for several years now through the Abraham Foundation.

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  • Partner Schools Principals' meeting

    by Teach For Lebanon - Mar 16,2022

    A principals' meeting attended by 20 school principals from various regions of Lebanon was held on February 19, 2022. The main discussion revolved around the work that TFL undertakes through the Fellowship program, the principals’ feedback, as well as the schools’ needs, and potential concerns. All in all, the purpose of this gathering was to lay the groundwork for open-ended communication between TFL and its school partners.

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  • Christmas Lunch Event

    by Teach For Lebanon - Dec 16,2021
    We’re happy to announce that the TFL team including staff, Fellows, and Access teachers gathered for a Christmas lunch event at the Lancaster Tamar hotel on December 12th; 
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  • Short Story Writing Competition

    by Teach For Lebanon - Feb 10,2022
    We are thrilled to announce the winners of the Storyvoice "Everyone Has a Story" writing competition! Both 1st place winners had their stories read on the Storyvoice application, and all the participants received certificates.
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  • Storyvoice x TFL

    by Teach For Lebanon - Mar 15,2021
    Storyvoice is a live storytelling educational app through which inspiring storytellers and children's book authors read and share bedtime stories. The app was designed in Lebanon and currently reaches over 5,000 children across 15 countries through its daily live reading sessions. TFL and Storyvoice are now working together to make bedtime stories equally accessible to every child in Lebanon, as well as across the MENA region.
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  • Storyvoice is Back!

    by Teach For Lebanon - May 24,2021
    Storyvoice is a live storytelling educational app through which inspiring storytellers and children's book authors read and share bedtime stories. The app was designed in Lebanon and currently reaches over 5,000 children across 15 countries through its daily live reading sessions. TFL and Storyvoice are working together to make bedtime stories equally accessible to every child in Lebanon, as well as across the MENA region.

    Storyvoice is back starting Thursday the 20th of May! 
    TFL will be hosting one session a week through its channel on Storyvoice. Each session will feature live story readings hosted by our own fellows and open to all students in Lebanon. Buckle up as we take you on a weekly storytelling ride including fun activities and educational themes!

    Click here for instructions on how to join TFL’s Storyvoice channel and on how to participate in our sessions.
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  • The 1001 Nights Project’s Full-Scale Launch

    by Teach For Lebanon - Oct 22,2021
    This October teachers in Teach For Lebanon (TFL) partner schools and Catholic School Network (CSN) schools received 9 online training sessions designed to help them better implement the program in their classrooms, share best practices drawn from several months of pilot sessions, and showcase lesson plans for a variety of teaching subjects.

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  • Summer Institute 2021

    by Teach For Lebanon - Aug 30,2021
    We have welcomed Cohort 13 to the Teach For Lebanon family, and from July 5 to August 6 they attended our Summer Institute (SI). 
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  • Participation at the Manhajna workshop series

    by Teach For Lebanon - Aug 20,2021
    Our very own Amir Hijazi, project manager at Teach For Lebanon, is participating in the Manhajna workshop series. Manhajna is a joint venture by the Centre for Lebanese Studies (CLS) and Learning Land (which was launched and is headed by a TFL alumni, Fahd Jamaleddine) aimed at educational reform in Lebanon.
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  • Empower Underprivileged Kids in Lebanon with Digital Skills

    by Teach For Lebanon - Jul 27,2021
     ~10% (500 out of 5000) of our student beneficiaries don't own devices with which to access online learning. This revealed itself as a problem most acutely when COVID-19 forced Lebanese schools to shut their doors and students without the means to attend online classes were left stranded. But even without the backdrop of the pandemic, digital skills are essential in order to navigate the modern world. Students should be taught these skills in school, and they should be able to hone them at home.
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  • Matriculation Event

    by Teach For Lebanon - Jul 06,2021
    The TFL team and a few members of Cohort 12 welcomed the 26 out of the 34 Fellows-to-be who will form Cohort 13 at a matriculation event at Swings Camp, an outdoor activity park. 
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  • 1001 Nights Program

    by Teach For Lebanon - Mar 15,2021
    The program is an academic curriculum composed of 36 lessons used in formal and informal learning environments to teach civic and peace education as well as life skills. The program is based upon the award-winning animated television series 1001 Nights which airs in over 70 countries engaging over 100 million children per year on premier television networks like Disney, Cartoon Network, Al Jazeera Children’s Channel and Discovery Kids. Each animated episode is designed to teach a different civic value including honesty, integrity, tolerance, empathy, gender equality etc…
    TFL aims to implement the program in the schools we work in and train teachers in public schools on using this program (target: 150 schools).
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  • Meet us in Badaro

    by Teach For Lebanon - Jun 02,2021
    Thanks to a much welcome expansion of our executive team, Teach For Lebanon is now based in two locations: our freshly renovated office in Hamra, and a new office in Badaro.
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  • Humanitarian Leadership Conference

    by Teach For Lebanon - May 04,2021
    We’re pleased and proud to announce that our CEO, Salyne El Samarani, has participated in the 2021 iteration of the Humanitarian Leadership Conference by the Centre for Humanitarian Leadership. The conference took place virtually over two days (04/28 – 04/29). Salyne spoke on a panel entitled “Educators as first responders: how locally-led humanitarian action is key to ensuring that children aren’t left behind.” She was joined by Clarissa Delgado, CEO and co-founder of Teach For the Philippines; Larissa Hovannisian, founder and CEO of Teach For Armenia; and Dr. Randa Grob-Zakhary, CEO and founder of Insights for Education. 

    Here are a few quotes by Salyne El Samarani from her panel discussion:

    "In Lebanon, we’ve been in emergency-mode for more than 10 years. In such protracted contexts, mental health support in schools is essential. This is why it’s so critical to invest in education during a crisis, so communities can cling to the future with the hope of education."

    "The international community needs to build the capacity of local NGOs, so that we can achieve sustainable impact and development. Donors need to rethink their expectations and processes to allow local organisations to operate"

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  • Student Art Competition

    by Teach For Lebanon - May 17,2021
    In December, Teach For Lebanon launched a student art competition in two schools, Sahagian College and Dr. Wadih El Samad school. The aim was to produce artwork on the theme of rebuilding Lebanon “with will and hope,” with an emphasis on the values of justice, transparency, and equality. The 61 student participants were free to create art, poetry, music, or videos to convey their vision of a better Lebanon.

    A committee composed of Lebanese artists George Khabbaz and Gina Halik, journalist and producer Dalal Mawad, and TFL alumnus and friend Karim Chebli evaluated the projects. In mid February 2021, Teach for Lebanon hosted a virtual meeting to discuss the submissions and pick the winners based on a set of criteria taking into account age, skill, creativity, etc.

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  • An interview with Global Compact Lebanon on employee wellbeing in the workplace

    by Teach For Lebanon - May 04,2021
    On the occasion of the International Day for the Safety and Health of Employees at Work (April 28th), our head of HR, Mohsen El Husseini, shares Teach For Lebanon’s practices and policies during Covid-19 in a short interview with Global Compact Network Lebanon. In summary, Mohsen shares three tips and advice that TFL has adopted and stresses on the importance of ensuring employee wellbeing during a pandemic.
    "Our employees’ mental wellbeing is as important as their physical wellbeing. We collaborated with the Lebanese Center for Psychological and Social Sciences (Nafsaniyoun) to deliver psychosocial support sessions to our fellows, with a focus on mental health and mindfulness.”

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  • The English Access Microscholarship Program (Access)

    by Teach For Lebanon - Mar 15,2021
    TFL is currently implementing the recently approved ''Access Micro Scholarship Program'' which is a two year global scholarship program supported by the U.S. Department of State that provides a foundation of English language skills to bright, economically disadvantaged students, primarily aged 13 to 20 through After- School classes with Enhancement Activities, and Intensive Sessions.
    This program will offer 500 public high school students the opportunity to increase their English language proficiency by receiving 360 hours of English as a second Language, enhancement and leadership activities. TFL will be hiring 25 teachers for this project, thus increasing our scale and reach, as well as providing youths with decent job opportunities.
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  • The Build Back Better Initiative

    by Teach For Lebanon - Mar 15,2021
    We launched the Build Back Better project in order to support students and school communities affected by the economic crisis and the Beirut blast. The main objective of this initiative is to maintain students’ accessibility to quality education as well as basic hygienic behaviors and habits. To move toward this goal, we have distributed hygiene and stationary kits to families and students most critically affected by the economic crisis, the explosion, or both. 2000 kits across Lebanon have been delivered to 1000 child by the beginning of the year 2021 thanks to the generous support of the Canadian embassy and DHL.

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  • Teaching in the Time of COVID-19

    by Teach For Lebanon - Apr 01,2020
    Our dynamic teaching leaders continue educating students through innovative online and distant learning strategies. As they face the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re inspired to see them finding new ways to connect with and learn from each other with love and passion. Teach For Lebanon Fellows shared that they have used this time to reflect and appreciate things they had previously taken for granted, and that despite the distances they are able to find ways to connect to their students, noticing how powerful their role as educators is.
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  • تحدّاني

    by Fatima Shahrour - Mar 24,2020
    منذ بداية العام الدراسيّ، أصرّ طالب الصّفّ السّابع داني على أنه لا يستطيع إجراء محادثة باللغة العربية. كان يستخدم اللغة الأرمنية فقط للتحدث مع أسرته وأصدقائه ومعلّميه، لذا كان التواصل باللغة العربية صعبًا للغاية عليه علما" أنه لم يأخذ صف لغة عربية مطلقا" في السنة الماضية في مدرسته الأخرى بسبب ضعفه
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  • Teach & Love!

    by Anita Khoder - Feb 13,2020
    "That same day, I filled the application to join the Teach For Lebanon Fellowship program. Little did I know that my life would change so much in such a short amount of time and in such a great way".
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  • Fighting Gender Based Violence with the Embassy of Canada

    by Teach For Lebanon - Feb 23,2019
    GIRLS AND BOYS VOICES AGAINST GENDER BASED VIOLENCE is a high-scale project designed by Teach For Lebanon and funded by the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives to combat gender-based violence by enhancing the leadership of youth. The project's closing ceremony was held at ESA Business School on February 23rd, at the presence of Her Excellency Mrs. Emmanuelle Lamoureux, Ambassador of Canada to Lebanon.
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  • 10 Years of Service

    by Teach For Lebanon - Mar 27,2019

    We need your support to keep #LeavingAnImpact

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  • Teach For Lebanon celebrates champions of quality education in Lebanon

    by Teach For Lebanon - Sep 20,2019
    Teach For Lebanon members gathered to celebrate education champions that are committed to support quality education and youth leadership in Lebanon. The event took place at Le Gray hotel in Beirut, in the presence of the organization’s esteemed board members and supporters.
    This event was also an opportunity for donors to reiterate their support to the organization.

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  • Promoting English as a second language with the US Embassy in Lebanon

    by Teach For Lebanon - Sep 05,2019
    The closing ceremony of the project “Improving Students Success and Employability Chances in Lebanon: A Youth-led community initiative that enhances English literacy and soft-skills among students, parents and youth” took place on September 5 at the presence of US Embassy Public Affairs Officer Ms. Kristina Hayden.
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  • The 2019 Summer Institute

    by Teach For Lebanon - Aug 02,2019

    The Teach For Lebanon Summer Institute is a six-week training program on Education Pedagogy, certified by the Lebanese American University and supported by USAID and BLOM Bank Lebanon, where Fellows-to-be develop a theoretical and practical understanding of the frameworks of teaching



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  • Maybelline NY Levant supports Teach For Lebanon

    by Teach For Lebanon - Feb 13,2019
    Maybelline NY Levant chose Teach For Lebanon as the beneficiary of their 2019 CSR Campaign “ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE”, to celebrate the launch of their newest line of lipstick, where with every purchase of any Maybelline New York lipstick, 1$ will go to Teach For Lebanon.
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  • Community Projects led by Teach For Lebanon Fellows

    by Teach For Lebanon - Feb 10,2019
    Students from Sahaguian-Levon Meguerditchian College, led by their Teach For Lebanon Fellows, explored and analyzed issues that have been affecting the lives of less-privileged communities.
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  • TFL Fellow attends GGMUN Conference in Malaysia

    by Teach For Lebanon - Jan 14,2019
    Teach For Lebanon Fellow Ghadeer El Saghir was selected among 370 delegates to attend the GGMUN conference in Malaysia, in January 2019, with over 70 people representing their countries as ambassadors for SDG Goal 4: Quality Education.
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  • Teach For Lebanon Fellow Samia Habli tells her story

    by Teach For Lebanon - Jan 15,2019
    Cohort 9 Fellow Samia Habli has been teaching English in Sarafand, South of Lebanon. Read her touching testimonial about her experience with the Teach For Lebanon Fellowship Program!
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  • Teach For Lebanon at the Lebanese Presidential Palace

    by Teach For Lebanon - Nov 12,2018
    Teach For Lebanon was honored to be taking part in the Lebanese Independence Week at the Presidential Palace in Baabda, to celebrate Lebanon's 75th year of Independence.
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  • Abbas & Abed's story

    by Teach For Lebanon - Aug 07,2018

    [...] This is what Abdel Razzak Abd Al Wahhab's dad, Syrian refugee, told me in an interview at their house: "We live on a farm, and live off of what the farm produces; we never know what the future will bring us; we take each day as it comes".

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  • Summer Institute 2018

    by Teach For Lebanon - Jul 27,2018
    The Teach For Lebanon (TFL) 2018 Summer Institute took place at the Lebanese American University - LAU in Byblos from July 27 till August 3. The theoretical sessions were sponsored by BLOM BANK and certified by LAU’s Continuous Education Program (CEP).
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  • DHL x TFL

    by Teach For Lebanon - Jul 08,2018
    Teach For Lebanon had the pleasure of attending the YouthCan! Program kick-off, launched by SOS Children's Villages Lebanon, and in partnership with DHL and Johnson & Johnson.
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  • The Hult Prize Competition

    by Teach For Lebanon - May 12,2018
    Manal Jaber, Teach For Lebanon Fellow and PhD student at the Beirut Arab University, took part in the Hult Prize Lebanon, a competition held between University students to design an idea for a social enterprise in order to tackle one of the UN Sustainable goals.
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  • Teach For Lebanon CEO at the Harvard Arab World Conference

    by Teach For Lebanon - Apr 21,2018
    Teach For Lebanon CEO Salyne El Samarani was a guest speaker at the Harvard Arab World Conference held at the Kempinski Hotel in Lebanon on April 21, 2018.
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  • SGBL sponsors Financial Literacy Program

    by Teach For Lebanon - Mar 30,2018
    Société Générale Banque du Liban sponsored two financial literacy sessions for Grade 9, 10 and 11 students at Sahaguian-Levon Meguerditchian School (Sin el Fil), and Père Afif Osseiran Foundation (Fanar), as part of Teach for Lebanon’s continuous learning program.
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  • A positive Touch !

    by Teach For Lebanon - Jan 13,2018
    Under the patronage of the Minister of Telecommunications Jamal Jarrah, TOUCH and Teach for Lebanon launch e-touch: an educational project for disadvantaged children that aims to support Lebanon’s most disadvantaged children in rural areas. The project, which forms part of touch’s Positive touch Corporate Sustainability program, was officially launched in a ceremony in Béqaa held under the patronage of the Minister of Telecommunications, Jamal Jarrah and in his presence.
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  • TFL & BLOM Bank Spark Together

    by Teach For Lebanon - Dec 09,2017
    A full day workshop was held on Saturday, December 9 in Beirut, with the generous support of BLOM BANK who sponsored the event, implementing the “Spark With Us” fund: a professional development day for the young graduates taking part in the TFL Fellowship Program.
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  • Teach For Lebanon Week 2017

    by Teach For Lebanon - May 02,2017
    When national and regional leaders gather to support quality education, children dreams have higher chances to become true. Mrs. May El Khalil-Founder and President of Beirut Marathon, Mrs. Salam Hamzeh Ghaith- Founder and President of Smallworld, Mr. Silvio Chiha- Lebanese Professional Athlete, Ms. Michelle Mouracade- Al Fanar Country Director for Lebanon and Deutsche Post DHL Lebanon-- all joined efforts with Teach For Lebanon in its annual event, TFL Week.
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  • A Day with Romero Britto

    by Teach For Lebanon - Apr 24,2017
    In an atmosphere of art and colors, Teach For Lebanon welcomed the Brazilian artist Romero Britto at Haigazian University on Saturday, April 22nd, 2017. Forty students from different Lebanese schools, where Teach For Lebanon Fellows teach, participated in the painting workshop.
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  • Young Network Leaders Join Education Commission’s Youth Panel

    by Teach For All - Mar 21,2016
    We are thrilled to announce that Teach For Lebanon CEO, Salyne El Samarany, and Teach For India Manager of Student Leadership, Sanaya Bharucha, have both been nominated by the International Commission on Financing Global Education Opportunity (the Education Commission) to serve as members of its Youth Panel.
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