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About Us > Core Values

Empathy: We understand the thoughts, emotions and direct experience of others. We seek to understand the context in communities without being judgmental. We will go the extra mile to understand others' perspective and act with respect and generosity of spirit.

Commitment to Equality: We continuously work towards a more equitable system where children have access to better opportunities in life. We work to instill commitment to equality within our children and their communities by providing equal access to quality education.

Mutual Responsibility: We foster a strong, resourceful and collaborative community that is committed to working with openness, honesty, respect and generosity. We support one another's development and success. We challenge each other to seek answers and solutions that make us and the children we serve stronger.

Reflection: We consider reflection as an essential component for our ongoing learning and professional and personal development. We must reflect openly, honestly and humbly on our own efforts and others' responses to these efforts, and ways to blend the needs of the children in their charge with the day-to-day realities they face. Reflection allows us as community to learn from each other's experiences and challenges. It would also reinforce the bonding among the whole team.

Sense of Possibility: We have a deep belief in the potential of children, our personal strengths, our communities and country. We operate with a high sense of urgency and optimism in tackling the challenges we face. We will work relentlessly and resourcefully to achieve our vision.

Where We Work

"Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world”

- Nelson Mandela -