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News >Access Alumni Training: Effective Interpersonal Communication

Jul 08,2021
On Saturday June 26, 29 Access alumni attended a seminar on “Effective Interpersonal Communication.” This was the second in a series of six training sessions scheduled for Access alumni throughout the life of the program. The training was given by leadership consultant Maya El Tal.

Topics covered included:
  • elements of effective communication,
  • obstacles faced in communication and how to overcome them,
  • active listening,
  • powerful questions,
  • conversational intelligence,
  • giving and receiving feedback,
  • nonverbal communication.

The alumni were delighted by the training. One participant reported that it had been “one of the most useful sessions I took during my Access Journey." Another said “the [session] was amazing; we had a very smooth connection with the presenter and all the other Access alumni.”

Maya was also pleased; she told us that – thanks to the engagement and energy the participants demonstrated, and to the encouragement received from Teach For Lebanon’s Access Alumni team – this had been one of the few times she did not get tired from a full day of online training.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world”

- Nelson Mandela -