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News >Access Teachers Meeting, Beirut, July 27, 2021

Aug 20,2021

On July 27, 2021, Teach For Lebanon (TFL) held an in-person meeting for the Access program teachers at the Modern University for Business & Science (MUBS) in Beirut.


Out of the 25 teachers operating in Access centers across Lebanon, 17 attended and got together with the Access staff in person for the first time since the program started (April 15). Due to the acute fuel crisis in Lebanon, the remaining eight teachers were unable to travel to the venue from their respective regions. 


At the start of the meeting the participants were addressed by three US Embassy representatives and relayed a message from the regional english language officer (RELO). They then spent some time reflecting on the challenges they have met so far, sharing solutions among themselves and discussing these with the Access staff/mentors. After this the Access monitoring and evaluation (M&E) coordinator gave a presentation on the function of M&E within the program, emphasizing that cooperation and teamwork would be the key to a successful program.


Finally, all participants engaged in exercises focused on stress management, team bonding, and fun. This part of the meeting was led by a specialist coach, and participants found it to be invigorating and memorable. 


At the close of the meeting and in text messages afterward, Access Teachers expressed their delight with the session and their wish for another one like it to take place in the near future. 


Manal Emad (teacher at the Baakline-Mount Lebanon Access Center) messaged: “Thank you so much everyone for this great day.”


Nathaly Azzi (teacher at the Ghazir Access Center) messaged: “God bless your efforts. This gathering is highly appreciated especially in these circumstances. Thanks a lot TFL team.”


Rodaina Al Salman (teacher at the Abbassieh Access Center) messaged, “All the respect and love for your care and support. A day to treasure!”

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