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Dec 09,2021
During the month of November, Access students learned about and experienced Thanksgiving. Each Access class was paired with another class from a different region, and students were divided into groups of 4-5 students to do activities related to Thanksgiving (e.g. watching a movie together, cooking a meal, writing thankfulness letters, meeting each other’s siblings, and so on ...).

On Tuesday, November 30, Access students, teachers, TFL staff virtually celebrated Thanksgiving in the presence of representatives from the U.S. Embassy in Beirut. During the ceremony, four Access students gave speeches about their experience of the Access program, the activities they were engaged in, and Thanksgiving values and spirit. Towards the end of the event, a video about the activities the students did for Thanksgiving was played; the video was put together by the Access students with the support of their teachers. The event was attended by over 400 people, and excitement from students and teachers about congregating like this and sharing their thoughts and feelings was in the air and in the chat box!

To end the event, the attendees shared messages of thankfulness on an online “thankfulness wall.”

Here are some links to speeches from the students and the video they made:
- A word from Chloe El Murr, Access 15 student, Ghazir – part 1, part 2
- Speech by Antonio Saadeh, Access 15 student, Halba Class
- Speech by Chaza Rajab, Access 15 students, Jeb Jenine Class
- Video made by the student about Thanksgiving activities 

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