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Dec 13,2023

As part of the Teachers Training component of the Access Program, Teach For Lebanon has organized a series of four workshops entitled “Training for Educators” for 25 teachers of the English language at public schools in the South region. The teachers committed to attending the four workshops that elaborated on the following three topics: Trends of Teaching English Language, Universal Design Learning, and Wellbeing as an Essential Teaching Element. 

The first workshop was held on October 21st, 2023 at Al Rahma Center in Saida, South Lebanon. The first session “Trends of Teaching English Language - 1” by Mrs. Layla Itani introduced Bachman’s 1990 Model of Communicative Language Ability. In addition, the trainer elaborated on teaching strategies and the 20th teaching methods behind teaching approaches (Audio Lingual, Direct Method, Reading, Grammar Translation, Affective Humanistic, Communicative, & the Comprehensive Method). 

During the second session entitled “Universal Design for Learning - 1”, Dr. Lara Al Khatib defined UDL as an evidence and researched framework that is based on neuro-science that can transform how teachers teach and how students learn. During the session, the presenter started by defining UDL and described its two main goals. 

The third session “Wellbeing as an Essential Element - 1” also by Dr. Lara Al Khatib emphasized how wellbeing improves teachers' ability to interact with students, teach concepts, face challenges, and avoid burnout. Teachers were introduced to Eisenhower Matrix “urgent-important” and applied a related activity to rethink their priorities by filling out a chart and labeling what they thought as urgent/important.

The second workshop took place on October 22nd, 2023 at the same center. The first session “Trends of Teaching English Language - 1” by Mrs. Layla Itani focused on practicing activities to help students listen better. Teachers learned through different sets of games to transform listening into a talent show to help students who struggle with it. 

The second session, “Universal Design for Learning - 2”, by Dr. Lara Al Khatib was focused mainly on identifying and discussing the three pillars of UDL and the techniques to teach using UDL-inspired methods and techniques to prepare students to become expert lifelong learners.

In the third session on “Wellbeing as an Essential Element”, Dr. Lara reflected with the teachers on micro-moments of joy and they conducted a questionnaire about resilience. The discussion was focused on creating a positive and sustainable learning environment.

On October 28, 2023, the third workshop was also conducted at Al Rahma Center. In the first session “Trends of Teaching English Language – Module 3” by Mrs. Layla Itani, the teachers participated in engaging and stimulating activities about teaching speaking to students. The activities were designed to encourage students to be creative and to captivate their attention. 

The second session “Universal Design for Learning – Module 3”, by Dr. Lara Al Khatib started by identifying UDL as a framework that goes with any method. The trainer emphasized its 3 networks: the strategic (how), affective (why), and the recognition (what). 

Halfway through the second session, the trainees were dismissed due to the escalated security situation around the southern Lebanese borders. 

The fourth workshop was held virtually on November 25, 2023. Mrs. Layla Itani in her “Trends of Teaching English Language – Module 4” session focused on how to teach reading and how to encourage students to read books. A fun game of “speed dating” was held where teachers exchanged questions and answers about their favorite childhood books and reading habits. 

The following session on “Universal Design for Learning – Module 4” by Dr. Lara Al Khatib taught the teachers, through educational activities, how to involve all students in the learning process. The participants watched different videos and exchanged ideas and methods together. 

The last session on “Wellbeing as an Essential Element – Module 4” was a fun one where teachers engaged in activities to learn about collaboration. The session aimed to prove how important collaboration is for the well-being of teachers and students as well. 

During the last workshop that was held on November 26, 2023, through the Zoom platform, Dr. Lara wrapped her sessions on UDL by introducing the teachers to examples of how to implement their learning about UDL in their lesson plans preparations. 

After the last workshop, certificates of participation were sent to the teachers' addresses along with a bag containing a book about teaching English and stationery.


"We did many activities like filling charts on (personal well-being- health well-being …) and also activities like Ecomap (describing yourself and defining your relationships) or about someone else.

At last, we discussed how students consider teachers as their shelters, survivors, and idol.”

- Sondos Kahlife, an English teacher at a Public School 

“Dr. Khatib was extremely knowledgeable about both themes. She gave us concrete and practical examples of every single detail. Although the session was online, she brought it to life. The sessions were fun, interactive, informative, and energetic. I could firmly say that they were practical, thorough, and thought-provoking sessions.”

- Joseph Samia – English teacher and former Access teacher

"Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world”

- Nelson Mandela -